Sep 1, 2006

procrastinating, to be sure

Like Judy L, I admit that I am procrastinating today. First because I dread working on that awful round robin and second, because I am having such fun working on my little Santa wallhanging. I had forgotten just how fun it is to hand quilt with all the rush to get other quilts done. I am just about done with the entire Santa figure lacking just the arm/shoulder area by the gold star wand thing he has going on. As I was working, however, I realized that his hat is not exactly square on his head---oh, well! Too late now and I will prefer to think that his hat is just sitting at a "rakish" angle---yeah, that's the ticket!

Of course every quilter has to have her quilting toys for each job she does. I am no exception. My little tri-fold bag over there is a cosmetic bag. Where the pencil products or brushes go, I have markers and a mechanical pencil. The elastic band area is perfect for holding my spools of thread. The zip pocket, all manner of needles, needle cases, thread heaven, applique scissors, etc.

Then the hoop--this one is my favorite size and shape though of course, I have others. I use a flat headed thimble and have two sizes as sometimes my hands swell a bit and in colder weather the one size bigger doesn't fit properly.

From left to right on the hoop, the thing on the red ribbon is supposed to help give the needle something to hit instead of your left index finger but I am like the person trying to use a clutch pedal in a manual transmission at the moment and do not seem to be able to coordinate the movements. My fingernail is already scuffed up. I DO use the paddle thimble though, sometimes to start off the first stitch and other times to help push through the seamed areas. The balloon, to help pull the needle if I get it loaded with too many stitches. That doesn't take long when you use a #12 as those things are short. I like Piecemaker brand.

You may be able to tell too that I sewed the batting together. I had originally bought a queen sized bat of Quilter's Dream Poly for my 30's sampler but kept the trimmings which came in handy for the wallhanging. So far I like it, needles nicely without the pilling of quilter's cotton but has some of the density of warm and natural but far easier to needle than that. This is mid loft and supposedly "excellent" for machine quilting and " very good" for hand quilting. It did handle nicely on the bits I have done on the big quilt, I will admit.

I have been trying to think just how long it might have been since I have done any hand quilting. Allison's high school graduation quilt, yes. But she just graduated from Illinois State University with a BSN in nursing--4 to 5 years then. A Jackie Robinson pattern for Arrow point Stars but I did not follow the directions. This was supposed to be 3-D (a folded technique) and flannel to boot.

And then there is the other one below that Joy and I were quilting for a woman in the town north of us. A family quilt, Arkansas Snowflake or Job's Troubles are a couple of the names for the pattern. Joy probably did most of it but we split the money we earned to quilt this. The woman gave it to her daughter or that was the plan anyway. The thing was that Joy's and my quilting stitch was so similiar in size etc that I don't think you can tell where either of us stopped or started. Probably worked on this about 4 yrs ago??

Okay, several friends out there in bloggerland are supposed to hold my feet to the fire and make sure that I get busy on the round robin. You've seen it in previous posts. I know it needs trimmed and/ or eased in possibly with a gathering stitch or some seams taken to try to get it lay down. Coping strip fabric is purchases and hopefully I can rise to the challenge and get it back to even measurements for attaching them.

It irritates me that we are still working on this
to begin with so I am already starting off with a bad attitude. You see, the person who my present round belongs to moved about 3 months into this. Someone is filling in for her locally and finishing up this person's obligations. She is not working on anyone else's but that might be a blessing considering she is the one that though it a wonderful idea to use acrylic paint. The one who is finishing up will only get a couple of 12 inch blocks from each of the 6 in the group for her troubles. Several of us thought we might start her own medallion instead--she said not to.

Bitching and moaning is not going to get anything done, I know that.................... Posted by Picasa


  1. It may not get anything done, but it sure feels good, doesn't it? I really like your Santa, I haven't hand quilted since I got the longarm. I still have my Roxanne thimble, though.

  2. bitching and moaning is definitely allowed! and we're here to listen, now -- get to work on that thing!

  3. Just get it over and done with - ummm, without acrylic paint! And then you can go back to rediscovering the slower pace of hand quilting! Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself!



  4. Not bitching and moaning -- just releasing inner clutter so you can begin with a clear mind *s*

  5. Hey girl, time to get with the program, while making new mental note why this might not be worth the risk of doing it...ahemmmmm Paint?? Ya.

    Hurray for handquilter tho! It is a joy remembered to pick it up with no pressure about it getting finished. Christmas is so far off. I think it was a perfect choice to fill the lull in your productivity *VBS*
    I'm just so amazed at all your tools and gadgets. I'm a coin thimble person, nothing on the under finger, it need to FEEL the needle point and push up. I'm lucky enough that either first or middle finger work for me. It gets sore, and then it gets tough, and doesn't hurt.
    I used to love size 12 needles, but only from the Regal Company. Haven't found them in years and years. An off brand I think..shope didn't carry them, more of a Ben Franklin. I haven't liked the Piecemakers as much, and I tend to break them.
    Right now I'm using size 10 of the Thomas Bros needles from England. I think I have a lifetime supply...LOL
    Now..get with the RR so it can LEAVE!! Hugs, Finn

  6. hope you're able to "rescue" the RR. Once you do it'll feel soooo much better I'm sure.

  7. Procrastination aside .. let's get busy and get things done this weekend, ok?

    Judy L.

  8. Love the cute little Santa wallhanging! You'll have it all done for this Christmas!

  9. Sometimes "bitching & moaning" is good for the soul. LOL

    Santa wallhanging is adorable!

  10. Well, now the moaning is out fo your system so get moving honey!! I know you don't want to do it, but just make yourself one day and it will get done.

    I have that same paddle thimble too and it works in certain circumstances! I love peeking into other peoples tool bo so to speak! It's always fun to see their process!

  11. Just catching up with posts i have missed over the past few days.

    Love the spider web quilt you posted a photo of. I hope you will find time to quilt it.

    The Santa wallhanging is coming along nicely.

  12. Ohh, I love the scrappiness of the ... whatever you call it quilt that you and your friend are quilting. Looks like you quilted it pretty close!

  13. Good idea with the cosmetic bag. I have a brand new one that I really didn't need to but, but now I think I know why I did! I am definitely going to use it for my travel supplies.

    Love the pictures. As for the RR, "just do it!" LOL

  14. Santa is looking better and better, and I LIKE his hat a bit tipped!!!

    Just get that dang RR done and get it out of your life!!! You are a better person than I, by this time I would have demanded a different spot in the line up so as to not work on that dang black yet again!

  15. I admire anyone who can hand quilt! I love that Santa quilt! Remember nose to the grindstone--get that round robin out of the way so you can enjoy working on something for yourself.


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