Sep 27, 2006

too many ideas!

Patti in her 1st post from 9-26 showed her Country Threads wallhanging. I mentioned to here in my comments that I had made one as well, years ago. A glance at the book shows that it was published in 1992 so this would have to be around that era.

I had to make some modifications in mine. I remember working on the appliqued pumpkins on a bus trip to Indianapolis to a Great America Quilt show. Unfortunately I placed them on the fabric the wrong direction---the background piece was cut correctly but they wanted it set with the longer side placed horizontally, not vertically. I had all the applique done and wasn't about to take it all off!! Oh, oh, Redesign ahead.

Also Patti shows up a row of Ohio Star blocks--those blocks are 3 inch finished!! No glutton for punishment, I made a row of flying geese which I felt was appropriate for the season---more so than those goofy houses were. Since applique could be trimmed to fit, I moved the houses up and filled in the empty space with the orange and black checkerboard--a Halloween touch. That meant one less apple block--those didn't finish the size they were supposed to be anyway, LOL. I think it was because the red should have been on the top. Or its the "rotten" apple in the bunch??? One last error--only one turkey's base goes the correct direction. Oh well!! I was in a hurry to get it done for the quilt show that year--the theme was holidays. So I drag this out in the fall and it is the first thing I see when I come out of the bathroom.

I have a summer version one that was my pass around row robin one year online---that is a UFO that could be worked on rather easily--maybe hand quilt it? It was fun having a project to work on in between other things.

Norma and I were chatting last night about challenging each other after the first of the year to at least get one UFO (correction: one a month) off our list up to the "flimsy" stage. Both of us apparently have a list about as long as our arms. If saying that in bloggerland makes me more accountable and it goes in my goal list, then I am apt to stick with it. Anybody else feel compelled to join in come 2007?

Here is the "Peanut Gallery" supposedly napping in the recliner. He saw the flash go off when I took the picture of the wallhanging in the hallway. No matter how old they get, they are still "little boys". He suggested this would like nice as my screen saver but he didn't say anything about my blog, LOL.

So far today I have not gotten anything remotely quilty done unless you count putting things away that I had drug to the meeting with me. I had pulled some red fabric from the closet---three bins down with a pile of stuff atop it. Greens from another bin off the shelf--that was easier to get at. Yellows from the big bin under the pressing table--stuff piled on it that had to be moved first. Some cleaning and straightening but no tossing except for the printouts from that nursing home course I did recently. Got the license in hand so goodbye! Downloaded some patterns from a site suggested on the stashbuster list---oh oh, more ideas of things I could do. Poetry Collection might go with a primary colored stripe I have-----hmmmm. Found another quilt kit that might work for the sew in too--all blues and white picket fence or maybe called 2nd Time Around by some designers. HMMMM again. More digging in the under table bins on the horizon, I can tell. Pippi was sacked out on his desk chair at the same time.

Weather is gorgeous today again--sunshine, clear skies, nice breeze, cooler nights--can open the windows and let some fresh air in. Our across the street neighbors are doing some painting and some friends or relations are over helping. One of them keeps bursting into song and has a great voice. I almost want to go over and tell him to keep it up. Good rendition of a Luther VanDross song awhile ago.

I've got a couple of quilt tops to show you from the meeting yesterday but will post those tomorrow. LOL, I sure am not getting anything of my own done today............ Posted by Picasa


  1. Your post makes me smile. I too have done nothing quilty today. I have been cleaning and return stuff to its rightful place behind the painter though. It is starting to feel very warm and homey in here with the new paint job!

  2. Love the fall wallhanging - it's a great variation on the original. That should be your story - no errors, just variations on a theme! One of my friends did it also but totally eliminated the "goofy houses" which made hers smaller so there were only two turkeys. Your colors say "fall" much better than mine do. I was still into trying to copy the colors from the picture in the book back in the early 90's when I made it.

    I will definitely join you in 2007 - but I want to get at least half (if not more) of my "flimsies" to the finished quilt stage. I think I've done a pretty good job of gettin UFO's to the "flimsy" stage this year - 9 done and at least 2-3 more that should be done by the end of the year.

    Love the patterns on the United Notions site - but that is a place I try to avoid. It just makes me dool all over my keyboard when I look at the new Moda collections each season.

  3. Cool to see your two variations! Thanks!

  4. You are right - there are just too many ideas out there. It is overwhelming to me.

    Love your re-design on the Country Threads pattern!

  5. Like your version of the fall quilt -- my favorite on each are the apples.

    What does to the 'flimsy' stage mean?

  6. That is going to be a very nice Thanksgiving dinner with that many turkeys! I think making changes to a quilt is what makes it truly yours. And organizing stash and fondling fabric does count as doing someting quilty.

  7. I love your wallhanging. I have the same question as Libby does - what does 'flimsy' mean?

  8. I have too many flimsies already -- need to get some of them quilted! I like those pumpkins. (Flimsies are finished tops, right?)

  9. I like your version AND Patti's! I like anything autumn-y :)

    OK, let's set up a 2007 challenge of some sort.


  10. Love the autmn quilt - I had just been looking at Patti's straght before I clicked on your blog - nice to see some differences to make it your own.

  11. Sounds like a good plan for next year - I have so many tops that just need borders.

  12. LOL...wonderful wall hanging LJ..and I for one never would have known it should be any way other than how it's shown! What a fun fun wall hanging. 2007 will mark my 4th year of working on ufos! not going to miss that :-) glad you are getting the motivation up for working on more of them.

  13. Oh I love the turkeys! Even the husbandly one ;) J/K hehe :) xoxo melzie

  14. Wow I can't believe I get to comment...blogger has been so awful that I had to draft my post and wait for later!

    I think it's so neat that you guys did the same pattern and both pulled it out now to show. Well Patti anyway, and you followed! I love that you made it your own and did the mistake proud. No way I'd rip off all that applique after it's sewn. Adjust and re-design! I'd love to join you gals, but I haven't been quilting that long and really don't have that many UFO's. I don't consider tops waiting for quilting to be UFO's, but I don't have too many of those either. I will join in though, and promise to get all caught up oin all my projects!

  15. count me in! I wanna be like Hanne, who whittled her UFO list from 50+ to 8! Mine is obscene and the thought of listing them all on my sidebar makes me sick to my tummy! I do have them all on an Excel spreadsheet--but that is a very private document! LOL


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