Feb 1, 2011

cutting and kitting

I guess today's post is cross between Design Wall Monday and WIP Weds, LOL. You have to cut and kit before you can do either of those posts.

I've been busy today and will probably still be at it tomorrow. Pressing fabric in preparation to cut, calculating if I have enough yardage, debating on which background to use for another project bag.

Yesterday I had gone thru a former project bag and decided there was no way on God's green earth that I wanted to complete the original project plan. Actually I already had switched gears once on it. Originally it was a millenium quilt from Patchwork Studio, 12 blocks with alternating chaining blocks. I did 6 of pieced blocks, enough of the chaining blocks and cleverly called the quilt "500 Years"---perfect size for a donation quilt. BUT I had a good bit of WOW that could be re-purposed and the two leftover blocks can go in an abandoned block top later.

So this morning, I put that WOW to use. I need a fresh project to work on for the WTIL sewing day on Saturday so I started out by cutting a Right Angles top using the large figured "Sports World" fabric from Red Rooster. The yardage was part of my "Pay it Forward" challenge from Over the Rainbow. Since I am doing the crib sized version, I found that I had enough leftover from my panel type cut for the quilt center. Should I make another one just like this or try another pattern? I think YOU know, LOL.

I had enough of the "go-with's" if I substituted a different white fabric. If I swapped out the sashing colors, I could try the Craftsman top. Not having a coordinating fabric that goes in the bits around the cornerstones, I dug around in the blue and green bins auditioning fabrics. I was able to squeeze out what I need from a bright green piece but will have to piece the strips. No biggie. If it was good enough for my quilting foremothers, it will work fine for me.

Next up, I have a pile of 5 inch oriental type print squares that one of the Belles donated some time back. I decided on a 4 patch on point, framed or maybe not framed, that will be similar to the one shown HERE. I guess that makes it technically a 4 patch strippie with a half drop block between. I never did find the EQ file where I had drawn it up the first time around so started from scratch. Originally I had thought maybe that pile would become a Jewel Box quilt but I like this idea too. I am not sure if I will go with a soft creamy yellow background or a soft pink. Also I had to order a bit of fabric for it that will be here in a few days. I'll decide once the blocks are together.

Lastly I cut out a donation sized Prairie Stroll (Quiltmaker #81 Sept/Oct. 01) using some of the fabrics someone had shared with my mom when the owner had to be permanently admitted to a long term care facility a few years back. Mom and I spent a few days pairing up fabrics for various quilt projects when I was home on a visit a few years back. I got part of the yardage after that, what didn't come back with me at the time.

I still have a couple more piles of fabric to cut thru---one will become a On the Boardwalk once Pam sends me some red cobblestone kit fabric. Those are words I never though I would say but it works with that leftover lunch box fabric. Another stack, I am considering for Diane Weber's Big Block Bargello .

I'll think I will call it quits tonight after I find something to use on the Cypress kit that my mom just sent.....and/or cut out a Naptime top. Good thing I made myself a list to keep me on track!

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  1. Wow! I am iimpressed with your organization and prep work. Kitting up the projects will definitely help with the production sewing later on. I managed to get the fabrics pre-washed for my next project....which at this point I think will be Craftsman. I need to kit a few projects ahead like you, but I never seem to get the time. I am waiting for things to slow down just a bit.


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