Nov 14, 2013

4 patch stacked posie

Several weeks ago some of the gals in my local quilt group and I explored the 4 patch stacked posie technique.  I didn't get pictures at the time as I was helping some get started on the cutting procedure, the concept of stacking the fabrics, etc mainly.  Once these are cut then it is just a matter of finding a pleasing layout.  I did get 21 blocks made that day and have 21 more ready to stitch up possibly at our next meeting.

Janet was using a gorgeous fall print, Marilyn went off without her foot pedal or power cord but she had a country floral and has since done some stitching.  Lois chose a very feminine piece with a strand of pearls and ribbons running through it.  Valera stitched up some wonderful blocks at home with tans, greens and a rusty brown shade that she showed me yesterday.  Of course, no pictures.  I'll get them as they finish up their tops.  I am pretty sure that Jane, Aline and Donna were all working on their own projects that day.

Then there are mine which I CAN share since I finally remembered to take some pictures.  My lefthanded quilter friend is waiting to see some pictures as she too is working on her own version right, posting them as a Wordless Wednesday  post.  Actually that might be what reminded me that I was supposed to post my blocks, LOL.

I don't know that there will be a whole lot of variety in the blocks since the fabric is all pretty similar in the motifs.  It should make a fairly girlie quilt for donation at some point.  I have my own quilt that has been waiting to be quilt for some time---uh, clear back in April 2009 and last shown HERE.  Maybe in the new year it will cease to be just a flimsy I move around in the closet?

Tomorrow will be my feature day on "For The Boys" blog hop so I hope you will consider dropping by to see what I have made.  I was out taking some pictures yesterday morning so will be writing up my accompanying post next and schedule it to go live at the appointed time.

And sew it goes---------


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  2. VERY PRETTY!! - ;)) Don't you just love how the fabric does all of the work and all you have to do is sew it together?? - ;))

  3. Very nice, and the fabric is so bright

    1. Oops, no reply blogger here Rose. THX for your comment. I think it is going to be a pretty quilt for a young lady. I would really love to find a nice striped fabric to go with it so I can use the centers as part of a BQ quilt. Not enough on hand of something I would like to use, darn it!


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