Nov 20, 2013

finished to flimsy

The color is not correct as it looks far too yellow but I was taking this at night and in a different room than normal.   The color DOES look "right" in the post for a few days ago.   Woohoo, the tree skirt piecing is all done as of yesterday afternoon.  I had 5 blocks to piece, the lower 3 rows to join and borders to put on.  Then a lot of fabric pressing for the binding and back piecing.  . Even had to piece the batting.  The binding is cut but I still need to seam it but that meant a trip to the store for the correct shade of rusty red.  I was thankful to get my jammies on and hit the bed as my back was really squawking at me by 8:30.

I got the okay to go over to the church fellowship hall to pin this morning.  The pastor was there and came in to put up some of the tables that were set up for Bible Study as the congregants will be having their Thanksgiving meal this evening.  I was especially mindful of getting any loose strings up off the floor before I left.

SO I could be quilting but I am leaning towards piecing my guild paint chip challenge first.  What I have in mind for the challenge will not take long to cut or piece.  Quilting means swapping out machines, relocating the sewing table and generally tearing up the room for a bit.  And then dragging out the preferred piecing machine all over again.  I'm thinking that I can quilt the paint chip piece, one more donation quilt that I want to turn in and of course, the tree skirt after I am done with the challenge piece.  I estimate about 3 or 4 days of quilting.  Then, oh boy, spend a week doing binding.   Yep, that I what I think I'll do---as soon as I clear off the stuff I dumped on the table on my return from pinning, errands and the library.  I've got Bama Belles next week and a couple of sew in days coming up on the 6th and 7th of December.  Paint Chip Challenge is due on the 14th.  Belles have a challenge too supposedly due on the 10th but I am not so worried about that.  If it gets done then or a week from then---we are pretty loose about deadlines.  We have not even decided what to do about the Christmas party either, LOL.

Okay, talking about it will NOT get any of that done----------hope you have had a good day so far.


  1. GREAT flimsy!! GREAT plan!! You are SO busy - I got tired just reading your list. Please don't forget to come up for air once in a while - ;))

  2. excellent tree skirt finish! well, ok, not quilted yet..but great nonetheless.
    I like your plan too...piece, piece, quilt, quilt...enjoy!

  3. I love this tree skirt! It sounds like more challenges in the future for you too.


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