Nov 18, 2013

changing holiday theme

 Since last week's blog hop, I have been stitching intermittently on Kristine and Andy's promised Christmas tree skirt.  At this writing I am at the half way point.  The plate and measuring tape show where it will be cut to accomodate the tree trunk.  The edge with the quarter square setting triangles would be the front edge of the skirt.

You may recall that earlier this summer I had made two tree skirts for the HO HO HO hop?  They are shown in THIS POST.  One went to my niece/godchild Allison and the other to my nephew Blake and his bride Julia as delayed wedding gift,  Well, Kristine has been married a bit longer than her brother Blake and I asked if she might want one for her holiday decorating.  Obviously she said yes or why make another?

When pointed to the photos of the other two, she liked the style of Allison's better so I said I would do something similar but use a different block pattern.  Since I over-cut on Allison's project, this has allowed me to use quite a few of the leftovers from that going with a modern and traditional palette of holiday prints.  I did get one charm pack that blends with the border and binding choices though to carry those colors out a bit more.  I hope it looks like little sparkly jewels against the neutrals of the block.

These are 8 inch finished Patience Corner blocks and use 3.5 inch cut squares and then strips cut 1.5 x 3.5 and 1.5 by 4.5.  It is not a hard block but you DO have to pay attention!  If it does not look like a right leaning figure of 8, then you have done something wrong and get out the ripper.

I cut the setting triangles one inch larger than I needed them to actually be.  I may elect NOT to trim then down and in fact, add a fabric strip on the corners for a mock inner border.  I'll decide that later.

And sew it goes--------I hope to have this done by Thursday and possibly pin on Friday.  My original goal was that she would have it by Thanksgiving and it may be close!

On another note:
I want to thank all the blog hoppers who dropped by and made my feature day so special.  I had a several people tell me that they would take the quilt I made off my hands since my husband is apparently not too enthralled with it. LOL.  Good to know!

There will be another hop starting in a few days to end up 2013 but I will be cheering the others on with that.  Hoping to get my deadline items done in early December, quilt up the ones in my stack (currently 4) and then see what Mdm Samm has in mind for the latter half of January.  I've got a mental list about a mile long of things I would like to make but maybe can narrow that down to a workable goal list.  Pipe dream or not.

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