Nov 7, 2013

oops---more than once too!

I continue to piece my next blog hop entry and this morning finds me with just 3 blocks to go.  I am hoping to get this pinned tomorrow which was the goal I set for myself over the weekend.  BUT it has not been easy!  I don't know that I have ever had a project where more un-sewing has been required of me.  I do like how the joined rows are looking and am not sorry that I am making this quilt but what is my problem??  I may have a few theories.

 The time change?  Well, I have often have problems sleeping under the best of circumstances and messing with the clocks is no help there.  Pushing myself too hard to get this finished?  Could be.  Normally you can walk away when things are not going so well.   Take a few hours or days off.  Time is not on my side at this point.   Not paying attention?  Well, maybe. "Measure once, check twice" works for sewing too but twice I pinned the wrong seams resulting in an incorrect section.  That could have been avoided if I had verified first.
Then we have the 5 or 6 sections that needed to be re-sewn completely.  SIGH  How this one happened will be a bit more clearer when you see the finished project.  The background fabric is only a hair lighter on one side, more subtle coloration.  Yep, sewn with the wrong side out.   DJ heard me groaning about this a few days ago and again yesterday.  He thinks I don't mess up when I sew, the poor deluded man.   "How is that happening?"  I told him to take a look at the fabric and he might see.  He persisted with the "how can you keep on doing that?" line showing just how clueless he is.  Teasing me really.   At that point I "ordered" him out of my sewing room with a "you don't know anything about sewing" .  To that, he said something along the lines of  "apparently you don't either"   Point taken, LOL.  Once or twice was bad enough but I crossed over to repeatedly territory.  I am not a perfectionist but I do try to do my best work on all my projects, avoid sloppy work, do the best I can to nest the seams, not chop off points, etc.  He knows that.

One other spot I un-sewed was intentional so I don't mind that so much.  It was because of a color choice. The block I wanted to replace was on the end of the row on the edge where I could get at it though the top half was assembled.  I do not agonize about color placements so much, not having wall space for a design wall.  Toss the blocks on the floor, I'll step on them.  Clipping to the book shelf  or laying on the pressing table will work for a while.  Toss them on the bed and Skyler won't leave them alone or worse, starts chewing on any loose strings I may have missed.  Besides that, I hate moving one block and then ending up moving 6 more!  I concentrate on a couple rows at a time and as long as the same print does not land right next to each other, I am normally good.  Working with a limited palette and bold, masculine colors there is a not a whole lot of variety in this project to start with.   Most of the primary contrasting fabrics are from a layer cake which to me means, not a ton of variety in colors or textures.   The eyes may be popping all over like a ping pong ball in viewing this one!

So, here is hoping that today's sewing goes off with any hitches.  I checked and do not appear to have any backwards fabric on these last 3 so it should be okay.  I found some fabric in the garment sewing basket that will work for the back but it will need to be pieced for backing.   I am reserving judgement on the binding choice at this point, LOL.  Pin tomorrow, guild on Saturday but I think I will take the remainder of that day off before I start quilting it.  Something tells me I will be binding up till the last possible minute but it will get done-----For the Boys.

Scoot off to see the hop participants when you get a chance,  cheer them on.  I'll keep plugging.


  1. Backwards?? Whatever do you mean?? - haha - ;))

  2. Haha! (I am only laughing because I am there too) I am so glad I am not the only one. I had difficulty finding the right fabrics and now it is still not done. We can burn the midnight oil together! :)


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