Nov 13, 2013

Lucky, lucky me!

In the last week, I have been quite the lucky girl! Not only did I find out I had won the sponsored giveaway from Sew We Quilt after the Wicked #3 blog hop but I also won one of the door prizes at quilt guild on Saturday. Woohoo!

Wanna see?

From guild, a 10 minute table runner, two fat quarters and that cue little PC sitter made from a paint chip sample.  Really pretty clever, that one and probably on pinterest, LOL.

Folded up to look like one of those thread and needle deals you carry in your purse, just in case you have a tear or loose a button.

And the beaded pins on the inside

Of course you know who was enthralled with the pom pom trim.  Yes, I know the picture is quite fuzzy but you try to get a picture of a cat who is rolling all around and biting on pom poms.

Then yesterday, the mail was very, very late in arriving at our home, like almost 4 pm late when it is often here at 1130 depending on the carrier.  Hooray my red bag from Mdm Samm had arrived.  Here is part of what was in there.  A cute Amy Bradley pattern---you know I will be making this one!  A packet of Red Rooster Toyko 4 inch squares.  One of Mdm Samm's lovely Halloween pin cushions, fuzzy pumpkin decorated with her cool button pins.  She tells how to do this on her blog and I'll provide the link later.  (I've got a doctor's appointment soon and should be getting dressed!)  Oh and a wonderful packet of Gutterman thread too.

And here is the wonderful fabric from Windham Fabrics---Ghosts and Ghouls.  Two different black prints and you know I will have to come up with something for Wicked #4!  I have some ideas actually.

This piece is the coordinating panel that goes with the fat quarters.

Thank you all!  I am indeed a lucky girl

As a personal catch up note, I had an eye doctors appointment on Monday so even though I was ready to start binding on my For the Boys hop item, not much got done due to my eye's being dilated for hours.  I can just see what a mess I would have made of it when I was seeing double and having a problem being around light.  As it was I had to take the sleeve stitching out that I did later in the evening as it was showing through to the front.  I poured it on at the Belles meeting yesterday getting three sides done while there and finishing up the 4th side after supper.    Woohoo, it is done and I hope to get pictures later today.

Next up:  switching holidays to Christmas and Kristine and Andy's promised tree skirt.  I would like her to have it by Thanksgiving in case they decorate early.

Now must get showered and dressed, quickly!

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