Nov 4, 2013


Though I try to reply to each email comment when it is blog hop time, I realize the someone might sneak through under the radar and I miss one.  Some are no-reply bloggers and may not realize it--darned that google plus anyway.  Some don't comment at all but do run by to take a peek.  The view number shoot up into the mid to high hundreds.    Some may prefer to head to the overview shown on the Pinterest page that Mdm Samm has set up.  Who knows??

Well, I know that I have had a blast participating in these hops and coming up with ideas and projects that I can share with a larger audience.  It has stretched me a bit, gave me "permission" to sew on something else besides donation quilts.  I have been able to try some new patterns or patterns I have collected in some manner.  Any number of things are involved and I so enjoy it.  I appreciate your kind comments and a little recognition for my work.  That is often in short supply around my house where the husband's attitude is along the lines of "So?  You will just start another one tomorrow.  You never are finished".   I don't know why I expect anything else from him though I have been at it for 25 years now.  While he may have a point, that is an age old complaint on my part.  He is not going to change but I can change how I feel about his attitude.  I don't want to ever be finished!!  I want to be excited about what I am working on till I am physically unable to do so.  But I digress-----

Here's the thing.  As sewists, crafters and quilters you "get" it and know something about the time and effort that goes into this.  I love the support that we give each other, cheering each other on. We all seem to rise to the occasion and it is fun to be along for the ride!   I was honored to have my stitchery piece picked for the Halloween Hall of Fame (top 2) last week.  I was thrilled when my name was pulled for one of the sponsor prize packages---woo hoo there!  Mdm Samm emailed me to say that a lovely package of Windham Hill Halloween fabrics and a Bird Brain Design pattern will be coming my way along with some other goodies she has tucked in.  THX to the sponsors and Mdm Samm again!

So as the banner says "THX to you all!"   YOU make my heart sing.

I may be a bit MIA for a few days as I am participating in the "For the Boys Hop" that starts on Wednesday.  I am not up until the 15th, the last day, but am no where near ready though I hit the half way point last night.   Fortunately this is a week where I am mostly home and can hit it.  Next week, not so much, LOL.   I DO still plan on posting a tutorial for my little envelope bag that I made for the Wicked Hop but it will have to wait till I can spend a bit more time on the computer.  

And sew it goes-------


  1. Congratulations! You are most deserving of the recognition and the prize! Well done, my friend!

  2. Congratulations on the win!!! I knew it should win. I am so proud for you and can't wait to see what you receive.


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