Dec 16, 2013

check in

There is absolutely nothing quilt-y going on around here.  Oh there are things I need to, yes but it has just not happened yet.  I got as far as digging around in one of the three containers that holds Christmas fabric.  This large hinged however many quart container (32, maybe 40 some?) is one container of holiday fabric to check first, more recent additions Then there is a large 15 x 21 x 16 Rubbermaid tote has been sitting by the TV stand next to the sewing table for well over a year--loaded to the gills.  There is also a small basket 12 x 6 x 9.5 that is overflowing with yardage and small pieces suitable from some log cabin blocks etc.  Some is Christmas prints and tree skirt leftovers.  Wish it could be combined but it just won't fit or if it did, the container would not stash away.

 I was previewing fabrics to make a pillowcase to hold Kristine and Andy's tree skirt.  I think the one on the left will do just fine.  I'll track down my pattern and cut it out in a bit.  The serger is already out and set up though I think my tension may need some adjusting judging by something I stitched a few days ago.  Kristine  posted a picture of the tree skirt along with their dog Sydney and their cat Franklin. I borrowed the image.  Sidney is named after Sidney Crosby the Pittsburgh hockey player as Andy's family has connections to the area.  Franklin remind you of anyone of the feline persuasion?  LOL  Kristine said she had to take the lower branches off to accommodate the pets.

DJ seems to be doing fairly well post surgery.  I brought him home from the hospital Saturday afternoon.  He is on some activity restrictions, like no driving for a couple weeks.  No lifting or exercise bike and floor exercises.  He is not ready to be too far from home either or I would suggest a drive just to get out of the house.  The weather has finally cleared and while still a bit on the cold side, at least the wind and rain are gone.  They had projected highs in the low 50s but that did not happen.  Maybe tomorrow?

I did a bit of stitchery on Bird Brain Designs "Snow Happens"  table runner while I waited at the hospital with DJ.  Very little completed.  I had the bird house top done once with #8 perle cotton but did not like it that thick and took it out.  Had I had 311 DMC on hand before I did that stitching I would used it to begin with!  I'm stocked now.  I know from doing other Bird Brain Designs that two strands of floss is enough to suit me and sometimes the more intricate areas I drop down to one strand.  I traced this off late Wednesday evening and serge the edge to keep it from raveling.  I had gotten this as a kit with some of my Bama Belles gift monies last year so I am sure that they would like to see me work on it!

I've been busy today but not entirely sure with just what, LOL. I had the typical errands to run today plus a few things to pick up for DJ.  As it was I forgot to run by the pharmacy and will need to do that tomorrow sometime.  I also needed to come to some decision about my health insurance, get enrolled online and such.  Now it is almost time to think about what to do for dinner.  Time is just slipping away today but I have not been goofing off and playing Solitaire or anything.  Pillow case, cutting it is.  Maybe it can get mailed out with tomorrow's run?


  1. Great photos - and a pillowcase? - I just made one yesterday - great minds and all of that, I guess - haha - ;)) Glad to hear that DJ is doing well - ;))

  2. I thought I had a huge Christmas fabric stash, but I think you have more than me by what you have described. I think we need a project that we can work on throughout the year to use some of our stashes up--maybe something like the Patience Corner quilt that we worked on previously.

    It is nice to see that Kristine (and her pets) are enjoying the tree skirt!

    Seeing you work on the Bird Brain Snowmen piece makes me think that maybe I should be tracing that one out here too.


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