Dec 24, 2013

glamour shot time

PopStix complete with kitty tester.  He was being particularly silly since he had been in the catnip shortly before, LOL.

The quilting showed up quite well without the overhead light on.  Denise did a great job in on it and the swirly quilting panto was a good choice with all these strips!

Now what do I want to do first?  Vacuum up the floors or go bake a cake for tomorrow?


  1. As I said on Facebook, this quilt is beautiful!

  2. I would have baked the cake, anything to get out of vacing floors!

    Happy Christmas!

  3. PopStix looks great on the bed! It even has the kitty stamp of approval! :)

  4. Love the quilt! And I hope you baked the cookies - yum! Merry Christmas, Linda!! - ;))


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