Dec 5, 2013

finished to flimsy

On The Boardwalk designed by Anne Wiens, Sweetgrass Creative Designs and published by Quiltwoman dot com.  Most of the sewing was done today and I put the two long side borders on after supper.  The backing is made and the binding seamed.   I did not really follow the designers directions and strip pieced a good bit of this.  It made more "sense" to me to do it that way, but someone else would be fine with the original action plan.  It finished about 45 x 58 inches.

I used just two Debbie Mumm  fabrics in the strips.  and I know this reads as a "tan" print from across our living room.  The green cornerstones and border is also a Debbie Mumm print but some stuff I had leftover from making appliance covers for the kitchen.  The Mumm fabric was donated to my quilt group from an area quilter.  Since there was a good bit of it, I spread it all out at our meeting site and issued the challenge---use it to make a quilt for the kids.

 Here is the stuff up closer.  The yellow, green and pink just sort of blend together in that long shot.

So what to do tomorrow?  I may cut out a version of the other pattern I linked to the other day.  On Parade.  I DO like a combo of fabric that I stumbled upon the other day and think it would be fun to play with.  My pattern shows it with the yellow background version, in the smaller thumbnail.

OR I could do the friendship block (shhhhh) or dig around in the Christmas fabric bin to see what I can find to make a pillow case to put Kristine's tree skirt in.  I did not have time to whip one up before I sent the skirt on earlier this week and told her I "owed" her one.   I am not quite ready to switch out machines again though.  I have 5 machines and do like to rotate using them so this time it was the Kenmore electronic slant- a-matic.  It has a nice stitch even if I do miss a few of the features of the other machines---like being able to change the needle position.  If I am going to make another top, I want to complete it on the same machine.

I'll see how it shakes out in the morning after I read through that pattern, LOL.  For now I will content myself with the fact that I did reach another short term goal and my Belles fabric challenge is completed with a few days to spare.   Can I get a woohoo?  LOL


  1. Woohoo! I have to agree with your take on not following the directions. If I know I can do it faster and just as well by strip piecing, then I do. Why would I make it harder on myself?
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Woohoo! Gene beat me to it - but I agree with you both - ;))


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