Dec 18, 2013

some output

Getting a bit done on these pillowcases and smaller bags for quilt show items. Here are the Christmas themed ones with the one on the left going to my niece for her tree skirt.  The other one can house the Christmas Patience Corner, come show time.

Then this stack of 4 are using up some recent quilt back yardage for some of the small wall hangings I have entered.  I may need two more for "Juggle" and "Reflections" but will check the supply of old pillowcases first.  I seamed them on the serger but they need the "cuff" edge stitched down on a regular machine.  There is no room to have both machines up so that task will wait till I switch out the serger.

Then this one is Halloween themed.  All prepped and ready to go in for the first seam on the cuff.  I am liking the "glue pinning" idea I shared yesterday.  You may not see this one completed as it may show up in Wicked Blog Hop #4 in 2014.  LOL  I have several ideas for that one!

On another note relating to my quilting group, the Bama Belles.
Recently I had delivered a total of 14 quilts that were to go to Gene's Quilt Angel project.  He delivered these to Ogden House this past Saturday.  I am going to refer you to his two recent posts about this. Links below but as explanation.
In the first post and video, Lois name was pulled for the drawing.   I did not tell the girls that they were entered in a sponsored drawing for just for having a quilt they shared for this project.  (Gene had 5 sponsors and they are listed in the tab area.)  He emailed me to ask about her contact information since I am the go-between.  I told him I should probably call her first to tell her she was entered in the first place and get permission to share her information.  I spot Bev's "Owl in the Garden" quilt in one of the still photos.  A couple of Lois' contributions (the Split Nine Patch is one that Lois just turned in) and even the back of one of mine are in the shots.

The 2nd post has video of a young man thanking the person who made his quilt who I know is our Bev.  Gene said he was thrilled to have a fishing quilt.  Well, you can read what Gene posted about the story behind it.  Apparently there will be another video in a few days.  Wonder if that might show a familiar to the group quilts?

I am glad that we could help Gene out this year. Though the ones I had made were going there anyway, we had enough of hand to do more.   The girls leave it up to me where to donate the quilts and sometimes make suggestions but they do prefer that they stay here in the area or the state of Alabama if we can.  I am so proud of this group of ladies who are kind to each other as well as people unknown to them.   Pro bono quilting is not a membership requirement, by any means.   Some participate by finishing binding, donating to cover the batting costs and helping to pin.  One gal made my week and year by asking if we had any tops that she could practice her free motion quilting lessons on.  Do I ever!!!  Three quilts in my stack that I had not originated were gone, just like that!  Love you all.  

Just talking about a task does not get it completed and besides, I have laundry to do, a bed that needs made, etc etc etc.  THX for dropping by---------


  1. LOL.. Why make up the bed? that is time you can spend making quilts. Ha ha. Just kidding.
    Thanks so much to you and the Belles. The other video which will go up this weekend (I hope) only has the back of a quilt. Perhaps I will have time to edit the one where Ms. Jean hold two of the quilts and says thanks too. She loves "her kids" as she calls them.

  2. I loved the story behind that fishing quilt! It seems that Bev's quilt could not have found a more perfect recipient! Well done, Belles!


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