Dec 31, 2013

Slightly sidetracked with serial re-organization

It was one of those nights last night---- awake at 3 a.m. and never did go back to sleep.  I finally bailed at 5 a.m. when Skyler was wanting me to get up to feed him.  Poor kitty had only a few crunchies in his bowl but he had drug in Ms. Mouzie for a nosh sometime during the night, LOL as her tail was hanging in the food bowl.  I took care of a few things on the computer, checked facebook and once DJ was up switched out all the Christmas wall hangings for the January, snow themed things.  I still need to take down the nativity set and the wreath from the front door but that can wait till tomorrow or the next day.

Lois had called me yesterday to see if I planned to go over to our meeting place anytime soon.  We take most of December off so it is a month before we go back, sometimes longer if there are 5 Tuesdays in a month.  I had told the girls at the last meeting if anyone had a quilt/quilts that HAD to be pinned in between meetings to call me.  They could either borrow the key and go pin or if I was free, I would go help them.  Lois took me up on it.  Actually I was glad for a little break from the sewing machine!  Bev came to help us and we got 3 donation quilts pinned fairly quickly.  Even with running a couple of errands on the way home, I was back about 11:45, before lunch.  I have two tops in the closet we could have pinned but I told Bev and Lois that I wanted to preserve the notion that I was "caught up" a little longer.

How did I get sidetracked??  Well, I had to run to Walmart to pick up a prescription before I came home.  Right near that entrance they had seasonal snap and stack containers.  The 6 x 9 ish rectangular ones like I just bought recently but a lot cheaper!  Not just 2 sections either---these had 4!  The two section one I got earlier this month was like 9 or 10 bucks.  The 4 sections, same size but different colored lids (red and green) were 6 bucks.  Oh you know I had get some.  I got 3 of them but I may take the 3rd one back though I am debating about that. About as soon as I take it back I will find some use for it or wish I had it back.  I used all but one compartment sorting thread by color and by type. It is not such a jumbled up mess now with three or more colors in one container.   Now all but the cone thread can stay on the table as I moved the art supplies and perle cottons to where the containers I had been using had sat.

BEFORE while sorting


So this area changed a bit too.  Most of the cone thread is in the big blue container.  The container above is bobbins for my various machines.  The present arrangement is okay but I almost drop the container every time I get it off the shelf, even with a big rubber band around it.  I know now that other snap and stack deal is staying, LOL.  The bobbins have a new home--show you in a minute.

Above the hinged container is one of 5 DMC floss containers that will not fit where the other 4 are.  I would love to have these all in some slotted shelf type unit but so far that is not happening.  Maybe once my brother retires and gets back into wood working we can work up a design.  I visualize something like an office "in and out" box deal.   LOL, maybe I just need to visit an office supply store??

Then I took down this pile..................BEFORE

Since I knew I had hinged containers available after emptying out the thread, I replaced the shoe box type. The lids don't stay on very well and I am probably going to drop them off at the thrift store donation box.  They may have a use for them unless one of you wants them.  I think I have 5 on hand.


Looks like a bit of an improvement.  There are 3 hinged containers that ride around in my car with various squares and strips in them too.  I can sew at a meeting a  minute's notice, LOL.

The bobbin/accessories box looks like this now except that the Singer has a bunch of cams, foot pedal and other feet that will not fit in the sectioning but that stuff is in another blue topped container on the book shelf.  I'll change where this sits.  I guess it was a good thing I DID get three of these after all!

Next I think I am going to combine the stuff from the tote basket back to the fishing tackle box.  Lately when I go to a sew-in I don't even bring this and just sack up the cup with apron organizer I use here at home by the sewing machine.  I love the basket though and could have sold this many times over.  I think it might be put to use holding the ironing accessories if the fixed handle is not in the way.  It all works out in the end, right?

The room still looks like a wreck as I am semi set up for quilting and things are not sitting where they belong.  All three quilts are quilted as of last evening.  Woohoo there as that big one was a bit of a bear since it measures about 57 x 75.

The binding has been put on the last one I did----the big one that has 6 sections of what looks like jelly roll 1600's.  Today I had intended to glue down the binding in the back and attempt to machine stitch the binding.  That is not apt to happen with my going off on a tangent, LOL.

Now it is almost supper time and I still want to take care of that stuff above.  It is a lead pipe cinch that I am NOT going to sew tonight.  However, it is a tradition for the group of Wrap Them in Love listers to spend some time sewing, quilting or whatever for Wrap 'Em tomorrow.   We believe what you do on NYD, you will do all year.  Lord knows, I do not want to do binding all year but I will try to finish up the half started one and pull out something to piece, old and new.  DJ wanted pizza for lunch today, ordered it and picked it up.  No cooking since I have leftovers from yesterday for our evening meal.  My energy is going to be lagging soon enough from that very short night I had so I can't say that I am unhappy NOT to be spending time out in the kitchen, LOL.

The other thing?  I am supposed to doing the guild newsletter this coming year but find I am in a holding pattern waiting for the stuff I need to include.  I will need to start at least the shell of it, I guess, while I hold for the items that need to be included.

So in closing let me wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2014.  Find a fun way to welcome in the new year or do something YOU love.


  1. Happy New Year! Of course if "you do on NYD, you will do all year" most of us would sleep in and not go to work! ha ha.

  2. This is the time of year where we tend to look at our resolutions--getting organized--is one of the popular ones. It sounds like you have that one nailed already with all the reorganizing you have been doing. It is looking good! It always feels great when you spend the time reorganizing like that and then when you want to find something after, you can just put your hand on it so quickly. Great feeling!

    We went for a meal out on New Year's Eve day as well and I didn't complain one bit. We don't go out much anymore with my husband's dietary restrictions so when we do go, it means so much more.

    Happy New Year to you, DJ, and Skyler!


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