Dec 23, 2013

A finish!

Woohoo! I've got my Popsicle Sticks quilt completed. The binding is done but get this. I had optimistically put "completed Sept 2013" on the label when I added it to the binding of the quilt. My friend and fellow guild member Denise had long arm quilted it for me and she returned it in early August. I did one long side and the sleeve and then it just sat, till yesterday afternoon.

I think you can see why I am not going to put it on my bed to get its picture taken. The matching pillowcases were made already, back in early September  HERE.

I also got the friendship block done this past weekend and it is winging its way to the person assigned to piece the top.  Nope, cannot share that one yet!  In addition the cuffs were finished on the quilt cases.  In fact, I pulled out the list of my submitted items and bagged them up.  No, the show is not until March but I cannot remember when they are supposed to be turned in. The only ones not in that stack are the Christmas quilt  on my bed and PopStix.   Well you see why---Christmas quilt waits till I take the decorations down.  Skyler will have to eventually get up, LOL.

So what is next?  I have those three pro bono quilts to quilt so sometime between now and the end of the year-----------

  •  A modified "Chantal" quilt using Debby Kratovil's design for fabric company.  Circa Oct 2012
  • Prairie Stroll. Actually I have two of these but one is not pinned.  I don't think that one is going to be a pro bono quilt.  Circa Aug 2012 .
  • A strippy quilt of Aline's that I said I would quilt for Bama Belles---been awhile since I had it unfolded.
Of course it being year's end I am thinking about what projects I would like to do.   Which UFOs do I want to see moved along?  Two or three spring to mind.  What new projects are tempting me?  A few more are on that mental list.  I know I will be participating in the "Please Don't Stop Me" blog at the end of January and plan on joining in more.  Also there are a couple promised items---a thread catcher for Cher and a purse for my mom.  You know I don't ever have too much down time, LOL but I'll probably just concentrate on a little embroidery on Christmas Eve and Christmas if I do anything creative besides cook.  Those quilts can wait a few more days, after all.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Love the quilt and pillowcases. And just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Whooo hoooo!!! Let's hear it for a finish! Popsicle Stix is finished in time to count it as a 2013 finish!!!. I too have to think about what I will focus on in 2014--UFO's for sure, but also some of the kits I have around here.


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