Aug 14, 2012

some progress/birthday celebration continues

I have gotten a bit of sewing done---blocks joined on Sunday. Rows joined on Monday while I watched the last episode of "The Closer" I will be sorry to see the show go but Major Crimes should fill in nicely since most of my cast favorites are cast in it.   FYI:  I did make my bed this morning but I un-made it and threw the pillows on the floor to take this picture on a solid background.   The yellow background on the bow tie quilt was obscuring the view, LOL.

I cut the lilac/lavender paisley piece for a small flap of color---that is preferable to actually sewing a narrow, narrow strip to me. Yes I still need to baste it down but my theory is that I don't have to be near as worried about 1/4 on TWO sides with a flap vs 1 inch or smaller finished border. The separator flap and the binding are seamed but not pressed. It still needs a border put on and apparently I did NOT cut one yet.  That is a tomorrow job.

First I need to put all this away from today's quilting meeting.   Jane, Aline and Brenda have all finished binding up since we last met.  The gold colored one on tops is my QOV.  I was the last one out the door but I was bound and determined to get the job done before I left.  I still need to get the label on it and then I'll be back to binding for a day or two.   Jane asked me if I would put the binding on her QOV as well.  After all the hand finishing she does for ME on the donation quilts, I am happy to help her with that part of the deal.  Drop it by and I'll take care of it.

The girls surprised me with a birthday potluck today.  Marilyn baked one of her yummy chocolate cakes and decorated it so prettily.  (I should have taken a picture of it before I cut into it.)  Teresa tucked a teal fat quarters by my machine when I was not looking----she knows it is one of my favorite colors.  It will either go in the Popsicle Sticks top or Farmer's Wife Sampler----or BOTH.  Some lovely cards with some quilt-y spending money were also included along with that good meal.  I had made some Rice Krispie treats to share but sure didn't know the girls were up to something.  Thanks to you all!

I have pictures of finished quilts (that stack unfolded, LOL) and some of the tops that were pinned today.  I'll post those later in the week since I personally won't have much to show.  After all, the Prairie Stroll won't look appreciably different with a border nor will the QOV when the binding is done.  By the weekend I hope to be working on Pop Stix or that is my goal anyway.


While I was gone, DJ had hired our neighbor guy to help with the shed doors which he had discovered was rotting out.  DJ had gone over to see Robert knew of anyone that does small job carpentry work as he did not think he was up to the job especially if the doors had to be totally replaced.   Our neighbor does concrete finishing but work has been slow with the economy and housing situation being what it is.  Robert has a done a lot of remodeling and such on the old farmhouse they live in.  They came to an agreement and between the two of them had the lumber on hand to do the job,  They were able to do some repair work on it yesterday but there was a problem with the hinges that needed to be addressed.   We had a good bit of rain right after that  (and more again this morning) so they had to wait out the weather.  Robert and then his son Nick were over for about 2 hours this morning working on it.  I guess Robert said, I could have made a whole new door in the time it took to just fix this one.  He is probably right!   DJ still needs to caulk, prime and paint but he had not requested the neighbor to do that part of the job.  Always something when you own a home, isn't it?

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  1. I like the lavendar/blue one - what is that pattern, it looks easy enough for even me! The Closer - I will miss Brenda Leigh! Haven't watched the last one yet as waiting on Buddy to arrive on Wednesday night. I hope you enjoyed your birthday/quilt show and tell/and cake eating weekend!


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