Aug 27, 2012

Getting closer!

................and that is a statement that could be taken TWO ways.  My PopStix quilt top  is one row away from completion and Isaac is getting closer as well.

On the quilt front I had left off last night 2 blocks into row 5.  There are 5 blocks in all that mess of color plus that extra width of 3 rail sections, about where Skyler is laying.  I could join these two to the top half but why?  It is getting too big and heavy with my current machine table set up,  I'll wait till the final row is completed and then turn around like I do when I am quilting with a forward table.

I started sewing about 0730 and here it is noon!  I am in my nightgown still and kept thinking I'll get in the shower once I get one more block and/or section done.  Well, that did NOT happen obviously.  DJ started a load of wash---I am not competing with the washing machine for shower water.  The air was not on yet and that is always a consideration especially if I plan on drying my hair.    Who in their right mind wants to aim a hot blow dryer at their face or head when it is sticky 82 degrees in the house?   I kept pushing on, LOL.  Now it is time for lunch and I'll get the hygiene stuff dealt with once we eat.

As far as the approaching storm goes,  they are projecting that it maybe further west towards MS and LA.  That will mean  rain and possible tornadic activity for us in NE Central AL possibly. Hide and watch, I guess.  See what the weather is like tomorrow morning when I get up to decide if Belles is on or not.  We had planned to go out to Olive Garden for the summer birthdays.  I had promised to  pick one of the gals up on the way and help her out with some of that heat press batting stuff.  Bev has quilts to turn in too.  After all this machine sewing I think it might be an embroidery type day for me---take that day off.  My goal now is to get this top done by Wednesday.


  1. Awww. Keep up the great work, Linda! I don't know that I will be there tomorrow to go. It never fails that I am not there to go to Olive Garden.

  2. Skyler looks like he is really into supervising the construction of that quilt! Too cute!


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