Aug 25, 2012

Saturday check in

Been piddling with the PopStix top still---maybe by next Saturday I can report a finish to flimsy.  That is my goal anyway based on availability and the weather.  The weather dude is keeping a watchful eye on Isaac as it moves into the Gulf as some models have it headed right into Alabama.  Who knows if the power will even be on in a couple of days?

I only got 3 blocks made today but joined row 3 to rows 1 and 2.  Since there are 6 rows, I am officially half done plus two blocks.  17 blocks out of the 30 I need plus the expansion sections.   Probably too much information?  Just as long as I can keep track of what I am doing, I guess.  BTW the picture shows the width of the quilt, not the length.

I really did make my bed this morning but it is so much easier to look at these blocks if I get down the plain colored sheets, LOL.  I had to apologize for that stripped off look yesterday too.

Yesterday my friend Marilyn came by with a friend of hers to have me help her get some blocks laid out for some quilts she is making for ovarian cancer.  She had a two stacks of teal and white Twisted Sister blocks.  One she planned on sashing but had been struggling with the layout.  Since she had 4 blocks of 5 different prints I suggested perhaps laying them out across the top diagonally.  The other pile I suggested possibly putting them block to block as it sure makes it easier to quilt them in the ditch.  She also has a larger quilt in the works which I showed you  HERE.

But I digress---I do that a lot.  I have come to the conclusion that one should NOT make 15 pairs of the 5 strip sections of the blocks ahead of time.  I keep taking apart the blocks to use for the 3 strips or to substitute a color so I can keep them scattered.  The colors may be close tone but I don't want them being the same fabric.  Also I have been folding up the row(s) to isolate just a couple of blocks at a time so I can see what fabrics had been used.  There is so much going on with these things!  I don't mind if the same fabric is in a section on the block ahead if there is some separation or it is placed horizontally versus vertically.  OR I will use a different fabric that is near to the same color---that's okay.  I really cannot get a decent picture of this either.

Before I do any more piecing tomorrow I am going to straighten out this strip container.  I am loosing track of what is still in there from the jelly roll.

I have cut a few more strips to add to the mix.  I have already raided my meager 2 1/2 inch strip bin that has been through two quilt group sew-in's and up for grabs looking for little bits for the little triple rail sections.  Also I may need to cut some lights of something or toss in another green shade----some of my "birthday" fabrics would work.   Some are already in it, LOL.   I guess one good thing from my 2 1/2 inch strip bin being so low is that the leftovers from this project will have room, right?  None of it goes to waste.

And sew it goes-------------


  1. yo go girl! popstix is looking awesome! Good luck with isaac...may he never arrive at your door step...

  2. I do love those colors you have chosen...what a pretty quilt it will be!


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