Aug 30, 2012

finished to flimsy!

Oh come on!  You know I would get this done---and as planned since I just had 3 blocks and two long seams to go, LOL.  I just cannot get a decent picture of it----though the colors of the stuff hanging off the bed from the window angle is what it looks like in person.

This one looks more yellowed than it is---possibly from the overhead lights and the fact that it was 1945.  The width looks good and so does the length finishing at about 88 x 98 or something close to that.

Woohoo!  The strips and fabrics are put away, temporarily anyway.  I had vacuumed the day before to get the worst of the mess up.  Materials gathered to start cutting on FWIS.  Off on another sewing adventure soon!

Jane, Aline and I are heading off to Pell City to drop off our QOV quilts in about an hour.  We may also be going on to Heart to Heart in Trussville from there BUT it will wholly depend on the weather.   Not raining now but some forecasts said the Isaac driven rain bands would hit Thursday through Monday.  It is overcast and who knows what it is doing 2 counties away?  Or will be doing in several hours.   Two of us get a birthday discount but I don't think I "need" anything but would go along with the others if they want to go.  I have begged off a couple times recently---like, going after the guild meeting and I need to get home.  Also Aline watches her great-granddaughter a good bit.  She may be needed at home if Pop has his hands too full of little Lily.

Besides I already ordered my quilt backing from Thousands of Bolts---Free Spirit Habitat on an aqua background.  Either by design or happenstance there are a lot of little (and some big) polka dots in this quilt so this is  perfect, not only colorwise but "theme".  The springboard was the Me and My Sisters "Amelia" so even the backgrounds have dots.  Not enough to call it  "lots and lots of dots and spots" like Pam called her version but they are there.  Once I get it the batting and backing prepped, I'll get on a long armer's list.

There are a few paperwork things I must deal with first but then full steam ahead on cutting the first little sampler blocks anyway.


  1. hip hip hurray! love how this came together! way to stay with such a huge top and I am sure you will love sleeping under it once it gets quilted up!

  2. Yea!!! Love it! It looks huge though! Like another quilt I know who still needs binding finished. LOL


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