Aug 18, 2012

where did I leave off??

Way back in February of this year I started a Popsicle Sticks quilt with my FAB pals. It was Norma's choice of a pattern for us to help her celebrate her delayed bday party. I was fine with the choice as I love Terry Atkinson's Patterns.  Always tested thoroughly, the pressing directions make sense and so forth.  You know she was not just throwing a pattern out there without having thought it all out or making you rely totally on your own past sewing experiences to help you over any hurdle.  I don't necessarily need to be spoon fed but I appreciate when someone has made an effort and has eliminated any pitfalls before the pattern is released for mass consumption.

I had to set it aside----for one thing, QOVs intervened.   It is a guild project, I am an officer and I needed to do my part.  To be honest I made some more Button Ups or finished up some other small projects I had started.   Piles of quilting came along in June and July.  Well, if you follow my blog you know I have quilty things to do.  There are just not enough hours in the day to do it all.

So I am finally ready to get back to it---about 6 months later.  Where did I leave off with this?  How many blocks, if any, are done?  More likely how many sections are done and how many more do I need?  Found my road map.   Terry said for a twin/full I needed 5 x 6 blocks---16 inch finished blocks.  Well, the quilt is far too busy and I do not want to border it to make it a tad wider.   I had decided to add one more row of "half" blocks" to add another 6 inches to the width.  Generally the quilts that fit my bed best are about 86 to 88 wide with that pillow top mattress.

I still have plenty of fabric including a few more fat quarters and leftover yardage I stuck in the box.  For variety I will probably cut them a few strips from them too.

So I started spreading them out on the bed---and should have gone from the other edge if I hoped to get 5 across, LOL.   Turns out I have all the 5 strip sections done---15 pairs using the same fabrics.  I have only 20 of the 66 3 strips x the longest length I will need.   I also need 28 more 3 strips x shortest length done.   Actually the only reason I even have those two done was due to a mis-cut early on.  Where you see "holes" at the top  and elsewhere is where the smaller triple rail sections go. I COULD have two completed blocks if the sections were joined, in other words.

I think it will be a pretty quilt when completed.  It has all my favorite colors in it, after all.  Some of the fabrics will translate nicely into my Farmer's Wife Inspired Sampler (FWIS)  which is part of the reason why I want to move this forward---before I am too tempted to raid fabrics from this for that project.

And sew it goes------easy sewing really.  Just need to get to it.


  1. Too funny! I have that pattern - somewhere - ;))

  2. I love the fabric choices in your version of pop stix. It is so nice to see you working on one for your bed after the stacks of quilts you have been finishing lately for others!


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