Aug 23, 2012

hot off the press

Cropped a bit but just finished up after stitching parts of two days. Fun!

Pattern Source:  Aunt Martha's Transfers from the Bonnie Bonnet 3920 packet.  I re-sized it to fit the block size requested by the group quilt organizers.  Because I liked the look of the brown pigma pen I used to draw it off from the printout I made from the re-sized image.  (where is that red pigma pen anyway?) I just went with DMC 632 for stitching.

Now I am off to the kitchen to make some meatballs for tonight's supper. I guess I am being creative in a far different way then?  I promised DJ I would make spaghetti sometime this week. 

Tomorrow I'll be back to stitching on my PopStix top and probably laundry in between strip sets. 


  1. Oh, I love this! This block perfectly represents you!!!

  2. Linda, this is absolutely precious. I have got to practice my stem stitching where I can make some of these.


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