Aug 6, 2012

Monday check-in

How can you tell that a quilter has been busy quilting?   I swap out what pins I have on hand for an empty box when I go to Bama Belles. This one WAS empty on July 24th and I guess this is about 9 or 10 quilts worth??  To tell you the truth, the days and the quilts are all blending together at this point.  I have lost count. I have barely left the house being a woman on a mission here but I am so close to done!!

The quilt below was the one under the needle on Saturday morning, Faux Log Cabin.  My last pinned donation quilt for the time being anyway.  I need to mark two donation tops with some wide cross hatching and figure out what will go in the off squares of another with an on-point setting. That might explain why they are still waiting?  I also know that those three and possibly the 4th will need batting pieced to accommodate extra width over 48 inches.  Translation:  more work, LOL.

I finished that one up on Saturday and did about 10 zoom lines on the one below until the thunderstorms forced me off the sewing machine and the computer.  (BTW we got about 1.8 inches of rain in the gauge in a fairly short time.)  This is Linda C's faux jelly roll with a lot of 30's prints in it which I finished zooming on Sunday.  Yes, I still need to bind it.  I got it seamed and a boatload of bobbins wound before I closed up "shop" last night.

Zoom lines don't take long.  I really want to be done with these donation quilts and start piecing again.   I was pushing forward while I listened/watched the Cardinal/Brewers game on ESPN.  I am not sure what to call this pattern.  Rails and Twisting Stars might work for the quilt document.  It is one of the tops that Linda C left behind when she moved so I can't ask her.  I think that a few blocks were turned the "wrong" way??  The stars that form at the block junctures twirl the same way but to me, there are a few spots where the rails should be going the opposite direction rather than forming a straight line.  What do you think? Is it just me?  The fabrics are lovely, aren't they but I had a few problems quilting it.  I just hope that the problems are not screamingly apparent.  I did my best with what I had to work with.  IIWII.  The binding application is on today's "to do"  list as well.

So I have a little bit of donation quilt sewing to do yet but essentially I am happy dancing to have those quilts behind me.  I DO plan on quilting my two wall hangings before I pack up Erik the Red and give him a rest.   Neither task should take long though I have to remember to cut out a strip for the hanging tabs for one of them.  Add that to today's "list"!

What I did NOT plan on was this----------

DJ has a lot of problems with his neck---forward neck posture too advance for chiropractic help.   Some time ago he and I collaborated on a neck bracing thing that helps when he is lying down by simulating the width of his fingers under the nape of the neck.  Many modifications were made along the way with the velcro and the width, etc.  UGH---here I am rejoicing from almost being out from under the obligation sewing/quilting and I get "the velcro needs replaced as it isn't holding the insert. Can you fix it?"

UH, thanks for the vote of confidence, Honey.  No, I don't think I can fix it necessarily but I could start from scratch since this thing is about shot.  Velcro is not easy to un-sew.  Don't necessarily "want" to but I will do it.  Because you asked.  Because I love you.  Because I don't want your neck to be hurting.  I offered to give it back to him until I can work out the prototype (and make two of them!)  telling him the decks would be cleared by Tuesday. Wednesday at the latest.  I think I can find some fabric around here to make another fairly easily.   Don't you?  Better check on the velcro inventory too especially if I have to make a store run from a few grocery items.

And sew it goes-------

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  1. Good for you for staying on task and getting so much behind you! It is easy to get distracted and go off on a tangent--ask me how I know! LOL

    DJ is luck to have you to do his repairs for him. I am not a fan of sewing anything other than quilts. Repairs rarely happen around here!


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