Aug 22, 2012

a shopping we will go!

When I left off in my last post, Jane was coming by to pick me up and we were headed to get Marilyn for a run up to Boaz and fabric shopping, lunch out.  We stopped at Mill Street Deli for lunch and then went over to Wilson's.

Marilyn is making the quilts for ovarian cancer and she was on the hunt for teals and such.  Jane needed some yardage for a secret pal and found some other pieces she liked---some that I had picked out first actually.  Similar tastes, it would appear.  I'll show you that stuff in a minute.  

The 2nd piece in the stack above is some yardage I picked up at Hobby Lobby in Gadsden before we came home.  I had gotten the Andover Girl Friday lime green piece and the Quilting Treasure Contempo dots with my birthday money from DJ and  The gray Jinny Beyer has been in my stash since the late 80's/early 90's.   Somewhere around here I have some solid gray and that is really what I had thought about tossing in the pile to audition.  I did look but it was not in the most likely areas from my best recall.  That's why the Jinny Beyer gray was tossed into the pile.  I don't know where the white came from but the darkest piece is the challenge fabric.  See this post for it actually looks like unfolded.  Looks like it just might work together.

 I THINK I may make my Belles challenge quilt with this stuff----but already I am wondering if I would be able to give it up once the top is finished.   Would it be totally selfish of me to want to use the leftover piece of challenge fabric for a quilt for myself??  I have two sections of  that challenge yardage and can donate the other one.  I think I may be one fabric short here---another green needed perhaps??  I keep coming back to Burns' Quick Trip Quilts when I see this yardage.  Not sure why other than subconsciously I want to try it??  I have a yard of each of these.  It calls for 6-1/4 yard fabrics for a crib  42 x 52 (with borders) and 9-1/2 yard pieces fabrics for a lap (54 x 77) and 12- 1/2 yards for a twin (65 X 102) with borders.  Can't you repeat a color or two??   HMMMMMM  Better think on this a bit longer but I am putting this stack aside for now.  Besides, I had planned on doing the Mock Trip Around the World  pattern for the challenge in the first place.

The Belles were so kind to give me some birthday spending money and this is how I spent most of it.  I did order a Twister ruler (the bigger one) and also a Perfect Piecing Seam Guide as well but the latter has not arrived yet.   Still, the girls are going to want to see how I spent their gracious gift.  Because it was Tuesday, seniors (55 and up) got a 10 % discount on the regular priced items.  That offsets the tax so more bang for the buck.

At the top left. "Perk Me Up" for Wendy Bentley for Timeless Treasures.  The colors should go nice in my FWIS--soft color, aqua and pink dots, etc.  The vintage, feed sack appearing piece is actually Ella's Wishes by Jenni Calo for Connecting Threads.  That green piece is in the 2nd row is also from Connecting Threads as it happens, Merry Minis but I don't think it screams Christmas and actually looks more 30s to me.  (There was no indication on the bolt as to origin as they often wrap their own on old cores.) The soft yellow for background of some of the sampler blocks is Home Grown by Granola Girl.  The two dot fabrics, pink with orange dot and white with aqua dot---Riley Blake.  The piece on the end, unknown origin but I like it--reminds me of sun flowers.

2nd row the green/blue piece is a Moda  (I think) something Geisha maybe.  The orange piece --Wiggles and Giggles from Thimbleberries.    The blackish, floral piece was in the Aunt Grace section.  I have a good bit of 30's fabrics but few blacks.  I believe it will show up in  my sampler with a nice red and maybe that piece that I think looks like Sunflowers---perhaps one of the blocks that calls for 4 different fabrics.

I'll pack this all up to show the girls in person next week.   Again, thank you so much, my dear friends!


  1. I love the stack of fabrics that you have started for the Trip Around the World Quilt--especially the green! :) No bias there! I made a lap TAW when I first started quilting and I have always wanted to make another--great pattern. The fabrics you picked to buy with your birthday money are so you--love them! I have the large twister ruler already (to use with 10" blocks) and I picked up my little twister ruler yesterday (to use with 5" squares). Maybe we can do a project together after the craziness in my life stops in another week? I am so excited to try out these new tools!

  2. Love the fabrics you purchased. Very nice.


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