Aug 28, 2012

Like Minds??

I had popped over to see what was going on at a Left Handed Quilters blog,  This is Design Wall Monday for a group of bloggers so I figured Kitty had posted.  Cool!  She was talking about using the "Big & Bold" quilt pattern from Cozy Quilt Designs, apparently a fat quarter friendly pattern.  I own that!  It is filed away in one of my notebooks.

She also mentioned "Twilight Frost".  I have a pile of that for use in that very same pattern!  I have to move the bag of it every time I need to get at the Singer sewing accessories or the yellow and orange 20 qt containers of fabric.  See it there right on top?   Ignore the mess---I am still sewing, after all, so the iron is still plugged in and the floor is covered with strings and fabric bits again. 

It is possible, but I do not entirely recall, that Connecting Threads had the "Twilight Frost" featured as a kit on their website using the "Big & Bold" pattern.  I had originally purchased it way back in the fall of 2009 and then added to it.  I planned to use the yardage in some manner for the FABS "Baby, Its Cold Outside" fabric challenge with the giftie going to Cher that round.  I waffled, boy did I waffle,changing my mind about 4 or 5 times and then ended up making  a Convergence quilt.   The challenge piece of fabric was that light periwinkle-y tone on tone paisley so it all worked out well.  I had also found some other yardage that blended with it.  You can read all about it in this post

Once this was done, I put the leftovers in a 2 gal ziploc bag.  I had enough of it to consider making that Big and Bold quilt, in some size or another.  I had apparently ordered some fat 8ths and charms but once I had it drawn up in EQ must have decided to make a far larger quilt.  The blocks needed to be re-sized to be able to use the fat 8ths and charm pieces.  I have a fat quarter kit and some selected yardage as well----they marked it down as I recall.   I know I specifically bought more of the darkest piece "Expresso" for the section separators and the borders, possibly binding too.   See the sketch below.

 Here is the EQ sketch and yep, I was headed for a 89 square quilt with this stuff.   I was just being lazy and did not color it in at the time.   And I need to bookmark her page, LOL for inspiration to do my own version.   You really need to go take a look at Kitty's version (s) as she did one up in "B/W/R - FLORAL MULTI" as well as the Twilight Frost version that went to her grandson, she said.  The names will take you to the quilts.

I have set this to post on Tuesday morning when I am at Belles, or at least I hope I am!  Isaac may have something to say about that idea. 


  1. Hey - THANKS for the shout-out!! Great minds DO think alike! I like your "Convergence" quilt - and I like where you are going with your "Big & Bold" version.

    I have been working on FIVE B/W/R quilts using that pattern - in addition to the one I made in "Twilight Frost". "Floral Multi" is #3 in the series. If your readers would like to see my progress - they can type "B/W/R" in the search box on my blog - that should take them to all of the posts. THANKS, AGAIN!! - ;))

  2. Big and Bold reminds me of a quilt on my to do list - Between Friends from the Happy Hour quilt book by Terry Atkinson. Those Twilight Frost fabrics are gorgeous!


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