Aug 12, 2012

Sunday evening

I would give anything for him to tell me what he was finding so fascinating about the floor this morning! Oddest thing, a few hours later he was doing his "best Snoopy atop the doghouse" pose on DJ's desk chair.

This being Sunday both Cher and Norma were asking what project is next up on my list.  I took things easy last night, though I was on the hunt for a pattern which I eventually located.  Along the way I found something that may work for a guild "top secret" project so no hunt is without rewards.

I mentioned several things in response.

DJ's neck things did NOT get done last week.  He told me he was in no hurry.  While not sure that was such a good thing to tell me since I DID leave a shirt of his that asked me to iron for months one time.  I did the hand finishing on those two wall hangings instead.  Here they are finished up----one and a spare.  He's happy and I'm happy that it is out of the way.

 2nd choice was to pick up with the Prairie Stroll donation top, last seen HERE.  I was thinking about doing this at Bama Belles on Tuesday but have another plan now.  The machine is revved up from the neck things, the blocks are all done.  Assembly should not take all that long----nice Sunday evening/Monday project.

3rd choice----start back on Popsicle Sticks------I drug the fabric tote out but will need to see just where I left off on it.  Too much water over the bridge, LOL.  It is going to be a pretty quilt, I think as it will have all my favorites in it!

And then there is this------the veteran's home did NOT open in July as planned.  They totally messed up the floors in moving beds, equipment etc in from what we were told.  Now they are shooting for Labor Day weekend or less than 3 weeks away.  Margaret, the coordinator for this project and former state QOV coordinator had brought in about 10 quilts that will be donated by our guild members but we need to finish our binding first.  One of mine was among them.  Odd that it is one of the ones I made this year and not the one I turned in way back in September last year but whatever, Line Art/Skinny Strips will not be done in time for the opening though I certainly did my part to make that happen.   Craig Heyer of Over The Mountain Quilting in the BHM area quilted this one as he had volunteered his services for some of them at Margaret's request.  Since the backing is a golden colored print, he did rings of stars on it.    I believe you can see them from this angle.


I think binding this will be a good project for the quilt meeting since I will have far more table space to spread it out than I do at home.  As long as we get it delivered back over to Pell City later this month, it should be okay.  I believe Jane and Aline have one to take care of as well so we can probably make the run together.  Decision made.

The guild also passes out little quilty gifts in our birthday months.  I was one of about 6 guild members with an August birthday.  Here is what came out of the reach in and grab one----a bit of a fall feel, don't you think?  Not sure which project it will show up in but you just  never know!!

And sew it goes-------back to top assembly for me.  I woke up entirely too early this morning so hard telling how long any ambition will last, LOL.  Hope you have had an enjoyable weekend.

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