Aug 2, 2012

WIP Thursday

I am declaring today a day off from quilting. To that end I left this triple rail top that is all done but 4 horizontal rows and the binding exactly where I left it at 8 p.m. Wednesday.  It would not take long to get it done but it is not going to happen today.

JOY Quilt Guild was resuming after a summer break today.  I had a couple of things to drop off and pick up from the Belles who are regular attendees.  Among the deliveries----

A fellow quilter and fellow area Facebook pal was looking for some homespun fabrics.  This 17 x 12x 14 Gevalia box is loaded with homespuns.   I think I could share.  We had arranged to get together after the meeting and she could pick out some colors she thought might work in her project.  She wants to make something that looks like this for a grandson--masculine tones needed.

Cantara quilt from according to the pinterest pin.  So we went through the box and pulled out some possibles that would go with some she had ordered.  If she needs my help in calculating how many squares to cut, then I'll do that but for right now, here is some fats and/or generous 8 1/2 inch squares.

I am not secretary of this bunch so I was---------

Stitching on this Bee Tree Basket block----it seems like months since I was last stitching though probably mid-June is more likely.  You KNOW how I love to embroider.

I picked up this one---Jane had finished some of the binding and said to bring her a couple more if I had them.  Uh, since I have been quilting for about two weeks now, I have a few.  DJ held it up for the glamour shot once I got home.

Truly Twisted Sister---pattern from Ami Simms, kit from my mom but pieced and quilted by me. Bound by Jane and now folded up in my closet to join the others that will be going somewhere here in in Calhoun County probably.  Done, done and done with that one!   I am borrowing a pillowcase pattern from Jane and a block of month packet from Aline---who got donation quilt back for binding.  It had been so long since she had seen it at first she didn't think it was hers, LOL.  I also stand corrected---it was a Turning 20, not a Just Can't Cut It.

Marilyn and I had shared a ride to the meeting so we went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville before heading back home.  THX for lunch!  Her son and I share the same birthday so I think that was why she treated me.

And speaking of birthdays---I am on the spend down thing for my upcoming event.  Here is some fabric I ordered last week from thousands of that was waiting for me when I got home.   I hope it will work in my Farmer's Wife Sampler  The yellow is a bit brighter than I thought it might be---Michael Miller Eco Flowers--- but the other stuff should work especially the blues. If not for this quilt, then something down the line, right?   I like the gray dot but will have to see how it works with the Vintage Modern yardage that I ordering soon---with some more of my bday monies,  LOL.

So how will I spend my afternoon?

I had messed up yesterday when I was trying to backup some files to a thumb drive and somehow managed to allow duplicates a bunch of files.   I had deleted a bunch of them this morning before I left and again on coming home.   The fact that you have to click twice to get the job done is annoying when there was that many of them---delete, yes I want to delete it or I would not have asked to the first time---grrrrr.

A few kitchen tasks need to be done, decide what we can possibly have for supper since we are cleaning out the freezer and are just plan out of other stuff so choices are limited.  He had leftover chili for lunch so that idea to make a pot of vegetable beef soup would not be too appealing, LOL.   Make a note to add some quick fix stuff to the list for emergencies like this.  Actually since I got back from vacation last month, I am trying to get the grocery day moved back to Sunday if I can. It just messes up my menu planning and shopping when it does not follow the calendar.

Guess I'll put a few more stitches in this later this evening, should I feel like it.  May change my mind by then, LOL.

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