Aug 4, 2012

quiet Saturday morning

Skyler wants to  play!   I drug out his kitty cube a few days ago and he has really taken to it.  He'll get bored with it soon enough and I'll put it away for a time.

Can't find him?  He might be sleeping in there. It also makes a great running spot at 100 mph.  The way he was digging in those back feet suggests that he was waiting for me to approach him from the front so he could leap out at me.  He looked even more silly before I got the camera!
Here he forgot that he could run out the other way through the cube---which he had done several times BEFORE the camera came out.  Possibly he is running out of steam as well.

At the present time he is monitoring the front door for any passing birds and passing baby spiders or encroaching ants.  Gotta love that hunter instinct.  By afternoon he will sack out for hours on end.

Quilting continues----I have had a good week in that area but I am really pushing to have these donation quilts done by mid-week.   As of this writing, I have done-----

  • Hot Mess Jelly Roll 1600
  • Picnic BQ 1
  • Aline's Turning 20
  • Triple Rail---did the last 3 vertical rows and binding yesterday afternoon
  • started this Faux Log Cabin right after that

I WILL get this Faux Log Cabin finished today!  That leaves just Linda C's two quilts and my two small personal projects in the stack.  The decks will be cleared for piecing/UFO completion.  Yeah, I will need to do the binding on the August piece.  The Belles will help with the binding on the donation quilts or I'll do it but over time.  Too bad I hate the way it looks when I try to machine finish it as an electric needle is sure faster!

And sew it goes--------I am a woman on a mission.  


  1. go Linda go! you can finish it! :)

  2. Try sewing the binding to the back first - folding it over to the front - and then stitching it down with a decorative stitch. Works for me - ;))

  3. Way to go Linda! I haven't done any sewing this week and now I have company. Hope to sew something soon. Everything is looking great!


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