Aug 29, 2012

meeting notes

I had one of those nights that you sleep 3 hours, awake for about three more and then go back to sleep for another three and then get up about 2 hours late. I am still trying to get caught up! You know I have a top to finish today!

I made breakfast foods for lunch and put on a pot of potatoes to make potato salad to go with the Sloppy Tom's tonight. Speaking of potatoes, a friend sent me a link at one time that showed Dawn Wells AKA Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island" on behalf of the Idaho Potato Board peeling a boiled potato. She used a trick of scoring the potato first and then you just twist off the peel. I need to look at that again to see if I need the potatoes slightly, completely or not at all cooled. Check it out on Youtube.  Scoring works for tomatoes and peaches so why not?

Okay before I get back to making potato salad finally get my sewing machine fired up, the promised quilt pictures.  Bev has been a busy girl and I know she has Christmas gifts that she should be working on <VBG>.   She is taking to the quilting like a duck to water and getting a lot of practice in.  In fact, one ofthe quilts we pinned was a panel piece that has been in our closet at the church for some time.  Glad to see it getting ready for a young 'un.

First, Bev's watermelon panel.  She thought it might be better suited for a lap robe at the nursing home but I think it is a cheery little quilt.

This is the other one Bev made from the brand new Vera Wang king sized pillow cases she found at a garage sale.  I called it "Vera on Steroids #2" on my document as #1 was turned in a month or so back, LOL.

Next up she had turned in this R/W/B "Lorelei" fabric quilt.  I believe she said she had used up the last of the black zebra fabric.  The back is even pieced.   Note the embellishments on her quilts too, if you can get them bumped up a little bigger.

And lastly, she had this little cute elephant quilt for a smaller child/baby.  She was worried that it might be too small but we thought maybe it would be a perfect one to have on hand for the Red Cross emergency fire/police liaison who happens to be Brenda's husband.

Meanwhile, Marilyn had gotten her Twisted Sister for ovarian cancer pieced and quilted up.  These were some of the blocks she, her friend Heather and I were laying out on my bed last week.

Marilyn had this little sweet quilt as well but it is going to a special little person in her life.

And, Jane had gotten the binding finished up on my Picnic BQ 1.  Story about that down below.

I got the picnic fabric for this from a quilt shop in WA State called Over the Rainbow as part of their Pay It Forward about 2 years ago, maybe?    It was one I quilted up in that quilting binge recently and Jane took off my hands to finish up.  Several of the girls really liked it. I mentioned that I had re-sized the blocks but really you could make the feature squares whatever size you want to squeeze them out of your available yardage.  Like I probably had a yard of this picnic stuff and just cut it up.  You can do them in novelties too or pick any theme you want.  One of the gals that had thought about making a "potato chip" quilt with some sale yardage looked and said she may be re-thinking that plan.  Plus you could used that grayish black tone on tone where I have the red dot.  Just a thought.

Then I said " how about for the fall sew-in block?"   They are good with that.  It is coming up in late October.  I don't think that the pattern from Debbie Bowles of  Maple Island Quilts gives the yardage and such for the sized block I used though.  Maybe, but maybe not since it is a bit smaller.  I'll get a handle on what they need to be digging from the stash or purchase ahead.   Do the research and shoot out the email.

Lois had two quilts to pin----both the same top but with different backing.  Pretty and fall toned.  She could not remember the name or the pattern source but it would be easy to figure out.  The pinwheels form when you join the blocks.

As I mentioned yesterday I did not get much done at the meeting but was okay with that.  Lois, Bev, Jane and Aline pretty much teamed up to pin.  Brenda had some binding to do on one of the donation quilts., Rosa was working on some Sunbonnet Sue's using the Eleanor Burns interfaced method.  That reminds me that I still need to look to see if I have any left that I can give her as she said she couldn't find it on the Quilt in a Day website.  I know I have some Overall Bills left from making a friendship quilt for one of the Belles when she moved away.  I don't know if I have a picture of it to link to or not but spotted it in the photo albums when we were looking through them yesterday.  Marilyn was trimming down some string blocks.

BUT we also were celebrating the summer birthdays.  Bev was getting hungry so we did the smart thing and cut into the lovely cake Marilyn had made.  Again, someone had misplaced her camera!!   Life is too short so eat dessert first, right?   She was joining her husband for lunch out so didn't go to Olive Garden with the rest of us.  We put everything up, packed up and didn't got back to the church from the restaurant.  I got home about the usual time---around 2:30.

And there you have it-----potato salad first and then I am sewing those last three remaining PopStix blocks.  By day's end the quilt top will be finished and you are apt to hear the whoop from your home, wherever that might be, LOL.

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