Aug 21, 2012

a little forward motion

Well, I got a little bit of PopStix done on after my Saturday post----one complete row to be exact.  I still can't get it on the bed enough to get a good picture of it, LOL but it certainly will be long and wide enough for my needs!   Shown at left---the first half.  The 2nd half is below.

Really I probably should have just started diligently piecing 3 strips by whatever lengths.  I need enough of them, after all!  I had mentioned that I had enough to completely do two blocks so that is where I started.  Then I made a couple 3 strips by shorter lengths so I could complete the row by the time I

closed up shop.  I may continue on with this method though since so many of the colors repeat themselves and I was hoping to avoid having some colors in such close contact.  It may not matter one whit though in the scheme of things.  Guess I just like seeing rows, counting off rows rather than how many more of this size and loosing count all the time.  Most were done in pairs anyway since I was using fat quarters along with half a jelly roll strip---not entirely random.

Sunday found me with several none sewing "to-do's" on the list---like type up the minutes from guild, get groceries, cook two meals, etc, etc.  I managed to read the entire paper, played with Skyler, watched TV, chatted with some pals.  Other stuff---I'm allowed.

Yesterday morning started off with a search for a Sunbonnet Sue blocks.  (Local project---shhhh)   I was sure I had some loaded in my quilt files and pdfs.  Before you know it I am re-organizing sections of my files, backing up the changes, surfing for Sues online.  Read between the lines and you will see that I was adding MORE files and new folders to the thumb drive.

Since my block is supposed to represent "me" in some way---redwork?  foundation piece?  Applique?

I found this one the other day when I was looking for that F & P issue with the Album Cross article in it.  I found it in, get this, in a booklet called Modern Quilting circa the 70's and published by Leman Publishing of Quilters Newsletter Magazine and Quiltmaker fame.   My opinions on modern quilting are a rant for another day but someone is mistaken about so called modern and I think it is the "new bunch".   Jinny Beyer designed a Sue who looks like she has been dieting, LOL plus I never water or do outside work.  If it is ME, then it would have to be a chubby one.  Cute block though---and different.  I scanned it so I could re-size it to fit the parameters, just in case.  The resized one is printed off and tacked to the bulletin board for now.

Surfing led me to some cute embroidered sue pillow cases found  HERE on a blog called Lace 'n' Ribbon Roses.  Ohhhh, I like the kitty ones!!  Go figure.  I really like the one with her embroidering and the cat nibbling on the thread.  That is SO my house.  No pattern source listed though.  What to do?

Flash to this morning-----I have a whole notebook with redwork projects in it and also some Aunt Martha transfers. I have just 3 packets but I remembered that two of them were Sunbonnets. (the other is cats, LOL)  SCORE!!   I know the source and I own it-- Bonnie Bonnet 3920.  I scanned it as I don't want to attempt doing the transfer and also to re-size it in Irfanview for the space I am allowed.  (Sue embroidering)  I thought Jane might like the other one I printed off if she doesn't already have something planned for her contribution, that is.  I couldn't decide between the two at first.

Jane dropped her QOV off yesterday afternoon and I got the binding on for her to hand finish, as she requested.   That was the extent of sewing yesterday as I swapped out machines again.  She'll be back by to pick me up in about an hour.  Then we'll run by Marilyn's to get her and run up to Wilson's in Boaz.  (fabric discount place locally owned but the one in Boaz has better selection than the one in Oxford depending on what you are looking for)  Translation:  girls day out.  LOL, DJ had asked me on Sunday if I had any plans this week. At that point it was only "get my hair cut" and he was stuck with me all week.  That changed, obviously.

And sew it goes---though today's sewing may well be by hand.  Better get myself dressed or Jane will catch me in my jammies and not ready to go.

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  1. I am still having difficulty thinking that skinny-necked Sunbonnet Sue is a real block. I guess the more traditional Sue is more my style. LOL I love the look of the embroidered Sue blocks--especially the addition of the cat!


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