Aug 28, 2012

Doesn't take much............. make me happy, LOL.   Remember my saying that my 2 1/2 inch fabric bin was looking a little sparse after a couple of group sew-in's?  I also had raided some of the strips to toss into PopStix.   At one point this thing was so full I could barely keep the lid on it.

Well, Lois reads my blog and came to the meeting today with a pile of 2 1/2 inch strips and said that she hoped she was not too late.   Ahhh even if I was a done with my top, there are lots of other projects that call for 2 1/2 inchers!  Album block is one of them that is in the "has been set aside" category.  Each of the PopStix blocks takes 14 different strips, or it does in my version anyway.  Since I am down to the last 3 blocks at this writing, it seems that the bits that I do have pieced contain all the same pieces.  :-( and then I gotta un-sew more than sew.  SO I pulled out about 16 bits that are NOT in my quilt and when combined and strategically placed, it should be fine.   WOOHOO!

Also there were some really pretty browns, neutrals, tans, etc that would look great as a log cabin block(s) especially when combined with already existing stash fabrics.  I grouped them together when I put them in the bin.   Two other strips may make it into my Farmer's Wife Inspired Sampler that I am getting every more closer to starting.  WOOHOO again!

Oh, Lois also had a whole container of half square triangles, possibly the cutaways from other projects. Bev took those off her hands!   Brenda relieved her of some blue and white bits---little flying geese pieces or star points it looked like.  I told Lois that passing on your stuff to other quilting friends is STILL stash busting since it is not living at your house.  It certainly makes both parties happy, like it did me!

Here is the other thing that makes me smile-----abandoned blocks. Marilyn brought them to me and some of them will combine with the ones I have from mom, her friend Linda H. and my own set aside bits and pieces.    That one has a more pastel, country feel so a few of these will probably have to go to another project.  I think there are a few more dresden plate blocks at her mom's that I just need to pick up that Marilyn said were lighter in color.  (One of those butterflies needs a body!).  I found two more blocks that I had stuck in my embroidery bag---another butterfly and one called "Bed of Roses".  I'm tired so I do not want to take throw them all back down on the floor to take another picture.  Maybe when I post a quilt finish, or the donation quilts but not now-------

I'll write more about today's meeting later.  After all, I have donation quilts pictures to show you.  I don't know why but I could not keep track my camera at all today, LOL.   Somehow in spite of my being a bit scattered I managed to take them.    I didn't get a lick of embroidery done today but that's okay.

I was looking for something on the library cart and found some patterns that needed to be put in the notebooks.   This cute owl quilt was one of the loose patterns, hiding in the stacks of books.   Owls are so "in" these days!  BUT guess what----pattern is from 1985 and get this, cost 2.50 from wherever the person who donated it found it.   Nothing is every truly ever "new".   I would want to make it not square if I try it.  (Kids aren't square after all!).  It turned out the thing I was looking for was out with one of the other gals---which is fine!  I was going to try that "Fun and Done" deal that Bev needed help with but it can wait.

I've just been following up on things from the meeting since I got home.  It was a rainy day due to the effects of Isaac but no wind problems or tornado watches or warnings. Thankfully!  Of course, I hope whatever he does down in southern AL, MS and LA especially is minimal.  7 yrs since the disaster that was Katrina ---a hard thing to recover from.

Well provided we don't lose power tomorrow,  I believe I will get that quilt top done!  That's my goal anyway.  Later--------


  1. That is TOO FUNNY!! I just checked your link to the "Fun and Done" quilt - and I used that technique in a quilt that I made in 1994!! - Nothing is ever truly ever "new". - ;))

  2. It sounds like you were the beneficiary of someone else's stash busting efforts. Those strips won't sit around long in your stash.

    Cute owl quilt pattern. This will be a challenge to change from a square to a rectangle I think.

    That Fun and Done technique looks sinteresting. A great way to use up batting leftovers!

    I am glad that Isaac hasn't impacted you much. I sure hope the folks in NOLA are ok. I can't imagine how they would come back from Isaac after not yet fully recovering from Katrina yet.


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