Aug 11, 2012

another finish/birthday dinner story

Another finish 8-10-2012 Friday p.m.  By the time we left for our supper at Outback Steakhouse I only had the last long side to go.  Looks pretty good on that Button Up base, doesn't it?

Funny story about our meal out.  Part of my reason for picking Outback for my birthday dinner was because we had some of the money left on a gift card that DJ's son and his family had given us for Christmas.  Well, that and the coconut shrimp, LOL.  I had encouraged him to take a trip down there for a good meal when I was on vacation but he didn't go.  I figured the remaining monies would pay for one of us and less money out of his pocket.  Tracy's birthday is just 5 days earlier than mine so between the two of us, the checkbook takes a hit.

I spotted a new addition to the menu---the coconut shrimp was offered with a sirloin steak of varying sizes along with two sides.  I proposed that we order that item, split the baked potato and let him pick the 2nd side (vegetable medley) and I would get a house salad.  I would eat the shrimp and he could have the 6 oz. steak which he felt would be plenty and give me a bite.  Tab would be around 17 bucks and add on the tax and tip, water with lemon was fine too. ( There was 17 bucks left on the card.  Cheap date!)

Well, fairly quickly someone came from the kitchen with a steak and baked potato and a plate of ahi tuna. In retrospect, too quickly really.  Not our waitress though.  UH, not our order---we asked for the sirloin steak with coconut shrimp combination.  He left the steak plate and took the tuna away.   DJ assumed he was supposed to have it.  It didn't occur to us that it was bigger than it should have been and half the meal was missing.  Yep, you got it.  It belonged to a couple sitting behind us.  DJ had already cut into it when the waitress announced the error.

Out came my salad.  He shared a couple bites of steak, we split the baked potato.  At some point out comes our original order.  All of it---another baked potato, the smaller sirloin, the vegetable medley and my shrimp. I guess we know what DJ will eat for lunch tomorrow now!  Two whole meals then for the cost of tax and a more generous than usual tip.  DJ said he felt bad about the waitress getting gypped out of tip for a 2nd meal because we had shared a plate.  As you get older you often don't have as much of an appetite so no doubt other couples do that or take half of it home.

I have guild today so will check back in a couple days-----------hope you are having a good weekend in whatever you chose to do.

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