Aug 16, 2012

finished donation quilts---post 1

I promised you pictures of quilts and here they are! I will do a separate post with some of the other things the girls were working on as I don't know how many blogger will let me load at a time. Those are fun and interesting things that deserve their own space anyway, in my opinion. Since this is MY blog, I can post it how I want, LOL.    These were the quilts piled up on my pressing/cutting table shown in the last post.

Turning 20 pieced and bound by Aline who is shown holding it.  I thought she was going to duck behind it but she was talking to me during the photo op, LOL.  One that I quilted in the 2 week quilting binge.

Pineapple Blossom made with blocks from one of our 2011 sew-in days.  Truly a group effort as we pooled the blocks to make two quilts.  Lois assembled one and possibly more.  I assembled and quilted this one.  Jane did the binding finish.

All I can say on this one is that is finally the last of the green habitat challenge fabric---or it is the last for me anyway after 5 quilts worth!   This Patience Corner was pieced and quilted by me,  Jane the binding finish.

This is Judy's Oriental Sashed 4 patch--pieced and quilted by Judy.  I put the binding on at her request and Brenda did the hand finishing on it.

Scrappy Challenge Positive-Negative Puss in the Corner.  Pieced, quilted and binding applied by me.  This was one that was half quilted in June and then finished up in the July quilting binge.  Brenda hand finished the binding for me.

Brenda's Many Trips Around the World.   Her project start to finish though some of the fabrics are from one of the sew-ins when she started the blocks.

This is Judy's Gypsy--pieced and quilted by Judy.  I put the binding on at her request and Brenda did the hand finishing on it.

Please check out the other things the girls are working on---post two

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