May 7, 2014

a little output

I have managed to get a little bit of sewing done the past few days.  Actually I had finished prepping the 3rd side of the dust ruffle yesterday afternoon.  Then I sort of basted it together with some Elmer's glue and hot iron since I was planning on doing the joining seams on the serger.  It might be a little tedious but it does help you avoid those pesky pins and messing up the machine.   I finished up the evening by doing that big long seam and called it a night.  Only one busted needle to replace and of course it was on the curved corner where I had the most bulk and the tougher negotiation of seam.  You may notice some bunching in the pictures below but I think the bedding will disguise all that.

Today I had some grocery/incidental shopping to do and when I got home, some binge cooking.  Between dog walks and other household tasks it was mid afternoon before I pressed the seam and held my breath while I tried it on the bed frame.  I am a bit math challenged and at one point took off fabric that was needed on that third side and then had to sew it back on.  You can see why I might have been a little leery if I had calculated in the seam allowances correctly.  I COULD have gone just a bit deeper on the serger seam allowances as it turned out.  Mainly I wanted it to finish at about 14.5 inches or a hair less.  (I had no pattern and was just trying to replicate, in a longer length what used to be on the bed till the new bed frame was obtained.)

I was able to drag the mattress off by myself knowing that I could run up the lane and ask for someone to lend a hand if need be.  Instead the help I got was of the furry variety.  I should put quotes around the word "help", LOL.   He would not budge.  Move him, you say?  I have a cat who will bite/nip more than my dog would even think about.  Pick your battles.  He'll move and I can wait him out.

Okay, so you won't move, Skyler?  How about I take the valence down as I am going to need it for a template to re-make something to match the dust ruffle?  Well, that did not work out either.   I  put up an old topper from one of my old apartments but it looks awful with the dark blue mini blinds in there, only a temporary measure.   I ordered a tad more fabric to finish this part up with a lighter blue print for the backing.  This one has a navy blue ticking on the back and served DJ well over the years.   With the heavier cloth, it also drapes a bit better than the one I made for the space above the kitchen sink.

I got this far in replacing it.   Look who came back?  Nosy, nosy boy.   I got the mattress back on again but that is as far as the bed making went.  He likes to "help" with that too.

Then there was a knock on the door.  Michael was coming over to mow and weed whack the back yard and side yard.  Oscar needed to come in for a while to avoid getting in the way or sprayed with bits of grass.  What a cutie, huh?   I wish I could get a picture of him when he is standing up looking at me through the fence outside.  I swear he looks like he is smiling, and the ears are flared out like he could use them to fly, LOL.

I guess tomorrow I will aspire to finish making that bed, start some laundry and maybe get started on Baby R's Storm at Sea wall hanging for the nursery wall.   Her mama has a baby shower coming up in early June and I will have to get it quilted up and mailed in time for the event.  The picnic piece has a little more leeway and my piecing plan is a fairly straight forward on that one.  It is possible that I will not even get to the guild challenge piece in time but I still want to make the quilt at some point.  I have a Prairie Stroll one to turn in for donation as my one guild required quilt so no biggie.

And sew it goes around here--------it isn't much but then again this year, it would not take much to do anything sewing related.

5/8 UPDATE:  Snoopy kitty does not learn one darned thing.  I fed Skyler first this morning just like I always do.   He is more vocal about this while Oscar is either still sleeping or just quietly watching the proceedings.  I put the gate up.  Oscar is let loose minus the leash just in case he needs to do his business.  I take the water out first and come back in to get his food bowl but he follows me back in.  Of course, Skyler is in the kitchen.  He froze like a deer in the headlights and then got chased around the table a  couple times before he finally flew over the fence with me grabbing Oscar by the collar, just in case.  Snarl, hiss, bark and claws skittering.   I don't think he would attack Skyler but I am not willing to take that risk.   I think he only chases cats when then run in the first place as he will walk right by Mamacita when I have him on the leash.  Skyler, you silly silly boy are going to give your kitty mama even more gray hair!!


  1. love the pleated dust ruffle! can't wait to see the Storm at Sea wall hanging. It is good to see you sewing!

  2. Love the pleated ruffle! Clancy (my dog) loves to get under the top sheet when I'm making the bed and jump up and down, changing the sheets takes even longer as he tries to get under each layer and when I put him off the bed he burrows in the blankets.


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