May 19, 2014

some progress

The stacks are getting smaller. I am making some progress (see photo below) but not quite there yet.    For one thing there is a lot of layers where the points of the Square in a Square and/or the little Economy Patches meet at the diamond tips.  Good thing I am not trying to sew this on the Brother as it balks at 4 layers in a seam allowance.  I'm using the trusty old Singer.  It may not be fancy or electronic, needle down, knee lift and all that jazz but it is heavy duty and sews well.

I have also found if I flop the little Economy patches over so I have the way the seam crosses over going the opposite direction and mash it down a bit with my stiletto it is sewing a bit easier.  I know that I am not explaining myself very well but my "theory" seems to be working.  In addition, I started out sewing with the foundation paper still in with the plan to sew right on the line printed on the paper.  That proved to be counterproductive as I can line it up far better at the point, and sew on the diamond side without slippery paper on the feed dogs.

Okay, maybe this shows what I mean a little better.  The red seam' s ridge is going to the right while the gray is pointing to the left.  That means that in spite of the difference in the angle the red seam will not be overlapping the gray seam, rather while they are still the same thickness the ridge is not right on top of the other one.   Make any more sense?? LOL

 This just shows the stab method for placing the pieces in alignment.  The angles are different for the diamond than the square in a square---like what?  45 degree angle for one and 30/150 for the other?

Line it all up and then pull the center pin to actually sew it----mash down the bulk at the center with the edge of the stiletto.

Finished seam---not too bad.  Even if I were a thread or two off and believe me, I am in a few spots I don't think it will be easy to spot.  I often say if you have your nose in there inspecting things that close,  you had better be the owner of the quilt or the person making it!

 I DO like the newsprint paper I am using and can recommend Blick's All Purpose Newsprint reams.  I used to use stuff from School Specialty but then they seemed to discontinue the 8 1/2 x 11 sheets.  Trimming down 9 x 12's made feeding through the printer a nightmare so I was happy to discover this source.   This removes fairly easily for the larger pieces but like any foundation piecing the tight spots usually require some fingernail scraping to get the smallest bits out.  My tip for the day, LOL.

So here we are across the hall on the "design wall".  I'm still considering how I want to use this wall----hang a rod up high and make like a flannel curtain or something I can roll up?  Build a frame?   I don't want to make any more holes in the wall or damage them in such a manner that I'll have to spackle and paint.   I want to get the curtain replaced that will match the new dust ruffle first though.  Thoughts for another day there.

Anyway, I got sidetracked a bit.  The top row is completed.  You can see the center star taking shape and determine just where this is going anyway.  It resembles the EQ sketch in one of my recent posts if you page back.  The gray batik is subtle but it does show up.

I plan on a narrow bit of the red as the first border, maybe a flap of it rather than an actual border.  Or if I can remember what I did for sewing a narrow border from a previous project I'll try that.   What I cannot decide to this point is which of the colors for the outer border.  I am leaning toward the medium aqua/teal shade that you see in the half square triangles of the Economy Patches and then use the darkest print for the binding.  Initially I thought the lighter shade in the diamonds but I think that might be TOO light though I believe I have enough of that batik piece to do it having bought a yard of it.

Got an opinion you want to share??  I do hope to get this completed tomorrow as I need to get it quilted and sent on to my niece within the next week.  You know how pokey I am with binding!! A baby shower is planned for Kristine in early June and I would hope that this would be there in time for that.  I don't have time to dawdle either as the Picnic Hop looms.

I've got a date with the Kudzu tomorrow with Roundup at the ready though I need to get the pumper ready.  That stuff can grow so fast and we have some hot, hot 90's on the way by Wednesday or Thursday though dry.  I might cut some of the green shoots for a wreath idea I have but the rest is getting dealt with.... and soon.  I already cut a bit out of the holly bush at the end of the lane and I sure don't want it scurrying across the yard and messing with the lawn mower. 

Okay, break over and Oscar will be howling if I don't get the food bowl out to him soon!  Skyler could care less as he is conked out in the perch in the master bedroom.   I have not seen the kitties today but Saturday Miss Kathryn called me over as she had had the babies out of the tall sided box they were in and on the porch of her mobile home.  One of them, the little orange tabby, wandered off and he moved so fast she could not catch him.  Down he went under the ramp and back where she could not reach him.   She had to leave and no one else was at home on the compound to watch out for the baby.  Between Mamacita and myself I finally nabbed the little booger.  Sharp, sharp claws and squirmy!!!!  Still, they are all so darned cute. 


  1. Looking great! I find my old machine sews better, I don't need all the fancy schmancies.

  2. wow, look at you go! diamond points and paper piecing and stilettos, oh my! this level of expertise is way over my head, I deal with squares and rectangles :) loving it, and the recipients will also

  3. It is looking gorgeous, your piecing is fantastic. I always loved this pattern but don't think I want to tackle the precise piecing that is required and you are obviously doing marvelously.


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