May 16, 2014

busy week

So far this week has seemed like I have been gone more than home. 6 month check ups for both the medical doctor and the ophthalmologist and there goes the morning.  Tuesday was Bama Belles day. May is always a busy time for folks with Mother's Day weekend and graduations. One gal was even off to an out of state wedding, another off on a trip to the Caribbean.   4 of us showed up.

Lois got 3 more tops pinned, two were from the recent Lickety Split Log Cabin class at JOY group taught by Jean Ann Wright and using her specialty ruler.  She ended up with two donation tops but I don't know if that was her original plan.  She had wanted a medallion type set and that requires an even number of blocks.  She may have had 35 made up and just did 13 more to make 2-24 block sets in the end.  I was busy sewing so Bev and Jane were helping with the pinning.  No pic taken.  We went out for a light lunch and then went on our way. 

 Of course, the next time we meet is right after Memorial Day weekend.  I asked if we should even bother but they said they were available and would be coming.  Like any other meeting,  whoever wants to be there, will.  The door is open. 

Here is the re-colored version of the Storm at Seas wall hanging, sort of what I am shooting for with the fabrics I have purchased to make it based on the paint colors that I know were used in the nursery.  For a closeup view of some of those fabrics, see THIS POST.   My mom was describing the space for me the other day as they had been invited to my niece's home for a Mother's Day cookout this past Saturday.   The red tones will be fine as Grandpa R has incorporated a lighthouse with red in it.  The lighter aquas, greens and grays I am using need a bit of pop and I like how this star at center will be accentuated.

You can see how the actual Square in a Square blocks of the quilt turned out.  Subtly colored really.    The rest is just pieced diamond sashing and Economy Patch cornerstones.  That's what is piled up in the tray there.  I've got those all trimmed since I am foundation piecing.  The next sections are pinned in place and ready to feed through the machine.  The diamond parts will be completed once they are given a final trim.  The smaller cornerstones will need one more round.

I cannot quite decide which print I need but I am leaning towards the lighter aqua print rather than the same fabric as what I used in the diamonds.  Look at the lower right hand corner of the tray.  The half square triangles flank what I used for the center square of the Economy Patch.  It is also the fabric that I used as the dark around the soft green batik in the Square in the Square.   The darker print, the one used in the diamond area MIGHT be the outer border.  I wanted to see the center laid out before I made the decision.  All in all, I hope to have the top together by Saturday evening.  That is my goal.

But first I have a bit of housework to do.  Two days of rain and tracking bits of grass in again does not do the floors any favors.  I've already swept up the debris catching area near the carport door.  The dishes are put away, dishwasher reloaded.  Today's meals are covered.  Should start the laundry.  Should do a lot of things---wash and vacuum out the car.  Cut down whatever that is growing under the crepe myrtle bush.  And while I am at it, what is that mess under the Rose of Sharon bush anyway???  When we finally get some days without rain in the forecast, I really need to spray Roundup on the kudzu as it is rearing its troublesome head.  I am getting just like DJ and cannot go outside without seeing something that needs done.  UGH!    It is days like these that I am reminded what a good helpmate he was.  All the things he did that were seen and unseen, done like magic.  Now to summon the desire and energy to get out of this chair and grab a broom.

I AM sewing but it may not start till after lunch at this rate.  Maybe one of these days I can actually post a finished to flimsy. 


  1. I just love it! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Spring is so much harder than winter. In the winter, snow can pile up. Then it is time to sew, sew, sew. In the spring, just like you said, every time you go out the door there is some chore that needs to be done that keeps you away from sewing. Rainy days and evenings become sewing time in spring. You will get the flimsy done. I really like the teals in your storm at sea.

  3. I love the quilt pattern and your squares are great. Love the colours!


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