May 16, 2014


2 posts in one day.  Since this mornings before lunch post, I have managed to dust and clean the kitchen and utility room floors and vacuumed the whole house.  After lunch, I loaded Oscar up in the car and we walked two laps in the city park.  He hates the carrier but he loves the park so I get two miles worth of whining all the in and back.

I started up the laundry.  Then I decided to vacuum out the car and wash it.  This was a little problematic in that I cannot find what he did with the fleece mitt thing or the chamois cloth.  In addition I could not hook the hose up in the back of the house and for some unknown reason he had discarded the hose reel.  I drug I don't know how many feet of hose to the front faucet and pretty much flooded the carport so I had to sweep up the carport again as there is a low spot that holds water.  The car looks good though.

In the meantime Glynda came over my cat carrier as Mamacita had finally brought out one of her babies, an all black one with blue eyes.    The German Shepherd dog that belongs to their son stays out during the day time in an outdoor pen and was barking up a storm at the baby kitty and Glynda had gone to inspect.  Apparently they had either been under Miss Kathryn's mobile home that whole time or she had moved them to that spot.  We removed a section of underpinning to try to find the others if there were any.  Mamacita was coaxed into bringing them out but she chose the location.  There were 4 babies, born on April 12th, making them 5 weeks old tomorrow.  She is a 5 toed green eyed calico.

And here are the babies.   The white and black ones appear to have blue eyes.  All but one of them have 5 toes.   Glynda thought that three of them are male and the little gray/tan mix was female.

All together now----awwwwww.  I doubt that I can have one or two of them, not with an adult cat who is already a bit miffed with me about the dog.  One of their daughter-in-laws is highly allergic to cats so they can't have one, indoors anyway.  But aren't they adorable?

I don't think that sewing is going to be on tap today.  I am beat from wrestling with the hose and my back is tired from the sweeping and vacuuming.  I already got more done around the house than I planned so it is a trade off.  I can play on the machine tomorrow.

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