May 20, 2014

Finished to flimsy/kitties!

I just finish up the top about an hour ago.  Woohoo there though I still need to seam the binding, that may wait till tomorrow.    I will wait to get the "beauty shot" minus the painters tape once I have it quilted.  It finished 37 inches square with the change in the inner border size.

Today's tip is how to make an even narrow border.  Varying thoughts attribute this to Joen Wolfrom and it did appear in Ricky Tims' Convergence book as well.  I have posted these two links before but no harm in repeating them.

passage in Google Books from Convergence

from the quilting boards    it has good step by step graphics.  Scroll down to the #6 post to the poster  going by the screen name of "ghostrider".  It works!!  She states it is better to get it even than worry about seam allowance.  My little bit of red finishes at 3/8 inch (cut it one inch)  Just enough of a bit of color without overwhelming the borders.

 I am beat!!  Not from sewing but dealing with the weeds and kudzu out on the bank.   Such a hot dirty job, whacking some of it back and spraying other parts.  I have already used up one gallon of Roundup but I do have another bottle for tomorrow's onslaught.   I'm afraid that Oscar got short shrift in the walking department today---just going out twice instead of 3 or 4 trips.  He is back in the house now and I'm heading in to keep him company soon.

Glynda called me over last evening as they had the babies out of the box and playing over by the beauty shop area.    These two were taking turns getting in and out of the planter.  Then one of them started climbing up the fire place screen right behind it.

Chasing each other.   These two are my favorites

We decided that the white one was a female after all.  Check its little bobbed tail and the hint of cream color there.   There is also a bit on the tips of her ears.   The calico is probably the feistiest of all of kitties.

The black male is the only one without extra toes.  He seems to be the most timid too.
Mama was calling the kids to come eat.

The black one was missing dinner, the calico was too busy playing.  The white one should have no fur left from all the grooming it was getting!    What fun watching them.  It will not be long and they will be jumping out of that box they are in so we talked about maybe containing them in one of the large dog kennels.  Glynda was washing it out tonight as I walked Oscar/


  1. wow, what an awesome day you had! love the finished top and the playtime with the kitties, hope you slept well

  2. this is fabulous! I love the colors and it came out stunning Linda...beautiful work and of course, you do a great job of giving links to the helpful tips too.

  3. I love the finished top! It it beautiful! The kitties are so pretty, too. I love to watch kittens play. Skyler is a mess. Love the pic of him in your sewing bag. Hope you have a blessed day.


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