May 10, 2014

treasure hunt

My niece and her husband had chosen a Northeastern nautical theme for their expected child's nursery.  When I was back in IL in February we talked about my making a small wall hanging for the room and then I would make a quilt for the baby to drag around.  I picked Storm at Sea.  At the time I purchased fabrics that would be similar in coloration to my EQ sketch.  Then I found out that the paint colors are actually a gray, dark grayed green, aqua/teal and a aqua teal pale tint.  I may use the blues and reds anyway in the drag around quilt and if not for this baby then for another child, even as a donation quilt.

Anyway, I bought fabrics when I was at the Pigeon Forge quilt show recently.  Looking at my sketch is just throwing me off as I need to be thinking aquas/teals.  I think I still need a shade darker than what I had bought.  To that end, I went on a treasure hunt in the bedroom fabric storage.

The bin on the foot locker is the one I was primarily looking for with the leftovers from the PopStix quilt.   I know that most of my teal/aqua prints are in there, some that I had collected at each trip to the Quiltmaker Workshop in Trussville, long closed.   The other 5  containers, 4 small and one large on the bed were moved just so I could get at the bin I  REALLY wanted.

These are the ones still remain on the shelf but I took the opportunity to at least label the contents a bit better.  Oh, I will still have to move everything on the shelf to get at it but now I know where the stuff is!

Right hand side of center of the top shelf of my clothes closet.

Left hand side of center of the top shelf of my clothes closet.

Really it is good thing I did this as I would have had to dig around to find the stuff I need to make another tree skirt.  My niece Amber and Greg will be getting one as a wedding present from me.  The blues kit that I had originally purchased from Connecting Threads will be perfect for them.  We discussed this when I saw her in February.   I put THAT tote smack dab in the middle of the top shelf.

These were the last two I needed to drag out and label.  Turns out one is that ancient "I spy" UFO and the other is some fabric pairings, donation fabric that does sorta kinda go together.

I was already hot from walking Oscar in the damp, dripping wet that we are having today.  Yesterday we got about 2 inches of rain in about a hour and my front yard looked like a lake along the lane.  Since them it had more or less just been dripping and drizzling, humid as all get out though two good downpours have brought us up to another inch for the day.  I just checked the gauge.

Even though Oscar's dog house is turned to face the back door and is tucked up under the eaves so it should not blow in from that direction if it is pouring hard or lightning, I put up the gate and bring him in.  Problem is, when I open the back door for him to back OUT he looks at me with those sad eyes like "what did I do wrong to have to go back out there?  I'm a good dog"  He has a point, LOL.  We don't have the concept of going out for potties down yet but he has not peed on the floor ---just twice and not since.   Normally he is in for the night around 6-6:30 so I know he will be going back out for a little while anyway and we'll go walk again, once or twice.  

Well, I have cooled down a bit with two fans blowing and a big glass of iced tea.  The a/c is on but the outside temps are cool enough that it is not setting it off.  I admit to cranking it down to about 72 for about 5 minutes till I got over the worst of the sweating.  The shower is going to be most welcome once I am done with the outside trips for the day.

I've got the foundation pieces already printed and stayed home from guild today to sew or at least get organized TO sew.  Between that and the uncertain weather the north end of Calhoun County was not represented at guild today.  Now, to go play with the fabric since it is unearthed, make some design decisions.

Happy Mother's Day, y'all--------

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