Feb 5, 2008

bargello bowling--standstill

Norma posted on her blog about our sewing together on Sunday. I got a bit of a jumpstart on Saturday joining some strips but she soon caught up and surpassed me. Time out for groceries and cake making will do that. And guess what? My husband thought we should eat, LOL.

This is how things looked by yesterday morning. 1st strata completed and 2/3rd of the 2nd one joined. I sewed for about an hour but then needed to go walk, run a quick errand for something I was to bring to the funeral luncheon, shower and get ready to roll on outta here. Another of our quilt group is currently hospitalized and I stopped to see here briefly since it was on the way to the visitation.

Next thing I knew, it was 3:30 and I was just getting home. My husband greeted me with the news that the house guests we expected this afternoon would be here in about 2 1/2 hours. Thank heavens the house only needed some touchup work---mostly vacuuming though I did have to change the bed linens and clean the bathroom too. He also told me that they would be here for dinner and told THEM we normally eat by 6 p.m. I could have slugged him---hurry up and clean and cook besides??? Man, you aren't wanting much are you? But I pulled together a decent meal aided by leftovers from the luncheon. Then no houseguests arrived. We turned in at our usual time as sometimes they do arrive late and stay out in the van.......

No van this morning either......I am sensing some major miscommunication between the two husbands at this point. Maybe DJ just thought they were coming last night and got the cell phone number out. Meet you at the golf course at around 12. The wife decided to ride around the golf course with the guys and I decided that was not my cup of tea and stayed home to enjoy the peace and quiet, a nice breeze from an opened window and knit. Up to the 70's again today but storms are expected tonight and through the night. Trust me, my sinuses are well aware of that change in barometric pressure. (The crocuses loved the warmer weather, I think, as we now have 29 blooms up instead of the 7 or 8 we counted two days ago. No sign of the purple ones but we saw that the daffodils might not be too long in making their appearance.)

No more sewing till they are gone---all the strips are put away including a nice stuffed shoe box full of cut strips from my mom that I can't wait to get into. Enough for two quilts probably, LOL but since she cut them a half inch bigger than I am using, I have more for bowtie blocks with the leftovers. Busting stash from her and me, I would say. T-shirt quilt stuff is put away but Cher and Finn, I promise you I will be good and get back to the t-shirt quilt before I start sewing more bargello stuff. I had already gotten a bit of the first round sashing added when I decided to "play" this weekend.

Well, my solitude has come to a screeching halt---they are home. Where is the aspirin? Oh, no cooking for me tonight. If we are going to eat at home, it is leftovers from last night, I already decided, LOL.


  1. It has been such fun to see all the bargello bowl strips. I'm right there with you when it comes to 'barometer sinuses' Luckily we are not to the miserable time of year yet. Then I live on 'magic yellow medicine' aka Tylenol/Sinus *s*

  2. It would seem that we are both busy for the remainder of the week and we will have to wait until the weekend to resume progress on this one! Check out my latest post--I finished the second strata. I need to piece together the strips for the third and fourth strata next. ....more mindless sewing!

  3. great looking so far LJ...good to know you will get back to the tee shirt quilt!

  4. The moral of the story is ... don't let husbands make arrangements! They never ask the right questions or arrange times properly :)

  5. I like that single strata. It would make a cute table runner by itself.


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