Feb 8, 2008

checking in

Checking in now that things have settled down at my house. Our guests left yesterday morning, early, on their way up to NC to visit their son. A little excitement was had on Wednesday morning. DJ and I were just getting up when the tornado warning sirens went off as well as our indoor warning device. That thing is enough to wake the dead and only sounds for a chemical emergency at the incinerator and tornadoes. Or so I thought--- I think Phyllis must have sleeping very soundly at that point as it didn't even rouse her. By 11 the weather system had completely moved out and they were all able to head over to the golf course. I stayed home to walk and tend a pile of Home Extension paperwork that needed to be done prior to a meeting with the "prez" yesterday. We went out to Lonestar Steakhouse for supper but I had made Shipwreck Casserole earlier in the day in case anyone was around to eat it. It turned out that I dined alone for lunch but Herb and Phyllis had a bit when they got back from the golf course while Herb had some automotive work done.

No sewing or house messing up while the guests were here. I got a bit more of my cardigan done---at 12 1/2 inches from the armholes at this point so it is growing and actually looking much more sweater-like. I also finished up the lower half of the October snowman block--just two more to go as I did them in sequence.

I loved the redwork Santa blocks that I saw on one of the blogs---Carol at Brown Quilts maybe? I'm sorry that I am not pulling that out of my brain cells--one of the girls who had been to Road to California, for sure. I wanted some too and ordered them from Birdbrain Designs as a kit with the red perle cotton and fabrics. I told myself I cannot get started on these until the snowmen are stitched though. I can't hardly wait!
I am supposed to be stitching on that t-shirt quilt as Cher is holding my feet to the fire but so far today, anything but. Got my walking in right before lunch and laundry chores before that. I almost forgot that I needed to put a turkey breast in the crockpot for supper and was late doing so. Then I decided to make DJ a pecan pie for dinner. I had some homemade cranberry sauce and some of the stuffing in the freezer and thawed them out so that just leaves making mashed potatoes and a veggie this evening. Hurray for leftovers.

I believe that I have run out of excuses not to be sewing. After all, I want to play with my bargello again on Sunday so best get to work.


  1. Those Bird Brain gals have a lot of fun stuff . . . enjoy *s*

  2. I was one of those at Road to CA who didn't get the redwork Santa and I keep thinking about it. Maybe when you start working on yours and showing pictures, I'll let myself get the pattern or kit.

  3. You are such a bad influence! LOL Now I'll have to get those Santas, too! Well, if I'd get my other redwork finished....

  4. So glad you missed the brunt of that storm! We saw the devastation on TV and I was wondering if you felt the impact. The santas are cute--but i am so glad to see that you have not abandoned the snowmen. I need to get back to mine too. I have to confess that I didn't wait until Sunday to work on my Bargello--to addictive--had to do a bit today too. I will be working along side you on Sunday though--hopefully to finish mine!

  5. I really like the 'Snowmen though the Year' blocks. I've been watching your progress and Norma's, too. wished I had joined in for the snowmen...maybe I'll order the Santas and stitch a little ,too.

  6. Oh the Santa's look just like you Linda! I love the snowmen so far, you do such good work!

    Sorry to hear about one of your Belles passing. It was so good for you all to band together to help out, a plus with such a great group!

  7. Pippi looks just soooo comfortable on the TV..maybe it's the warmth it gives off? Always hard to know what might set a cats mind on something..LOL
    Your bargellow is coming just wonderfully! I really like it when the strip matches all the way across. I did one like Bonnie's totally scrappy, but wasn't happy with it at all.
    I'm happy to hear you'll be keeping something for yourself! Hugs, Finn


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