Feb 3, 2008

Look what popped open yesterday? DJ called me outside to take a peek at the crocuses that he said appeared overnight and in spite of a heavy frost and 26 degrees when we got up. I don't care what Punxsutawney Phil said or didn't say (we have the "Birmingham Bill" counterpart--spring is right around the corner here.

I have gotten a little of my scrappy bargello top together---one of the stratas using 30 strips cut 3 inches for me. I just did the sub-cuts and will start joining them when I get back from walking. You may remember that nicely stacked pile of strips from my last post? Well, they don't look like that now!

The quilt group received some bad news Friday evening. Long time readers will remember me talking about Sarah, our oldest Bama Belle. Her daughter Jane is a member of the group as well and they did about everything together. Sarah had been ill and hospitalized for about a month and succumbed to that illness. Just too much for her body to take and continue the fight. The funeral is tomorrow and the quilt groups are helping with the luncheon.

Please say a prayer for Jane and her family--it has been a rough month.

Okay, the cake I am taking as my offering is done, shoes are on to go walk. I'll frost it when I get back and then back to these strips to see how it looks. I put some fabrics that some dear friends have given me over the years in here so this one is mine, no matter how it turns out!


  1. Hello, you have a lovely blog. I am in PA and I don't care what Phil predicted, I want an EARLY spring! LOL

  2. No matter what old Phil sez - spring'll get here when it's darned good and ready . . . as evidenced by your crocus *s*

  3. How fabulous to see crocuses after all the inclement weather you have been having lately! So sorry to hear about Sarah--yes, I will remember to keep Jane and her family in my heart and prayers in the next few days as she works her way through the funneral and all the tasks that follow.

  4. Pretty crocus!! Spring is going to come soon, I can just feel it!

  5. OK, It's official, I'm completely jealous...the flowers are great promises of warmer things to come....I just have a long wait....

  6. any sign of spring is so welcome! your strips have a jigsaw effect in them...not what I was expecting it to look like...or is that some other project? - hey, back to trimming those tee shirt squares young lady...no more playing until then!
    how is that for feet to the fire?


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