Feb 25, 2008

ironing boards

Just a brief check in note for now. Libby wanted to see pictures of blogger's ironing boards in a recent post on her blog. Not sure if we are having an ugliest c0ntest or what!

Anyway, here are my three. I have a real standard ironing board but it is at our meeting place at the church and I visit it there, LOL. I keep the little board for when I am compelled to want to iron a shirt (rare, people) and need that pointy end. The board I covered with teflon cloth and batting is the main pressing board for quilting, of course. I had enough fabric left over to remove that awful, ugly stained cover from the larger of two June Taylor ironing pads. I use that one when I am foundation piecing and lay it across the waste basket top and move the whole thing over to the sewing table on the other side of the room. I think I must have tossed the smaller June Taylor thing---it needed it, badly and rivaled Libby's in the ugly department. It had gotten relegated to propping up the Jem in my sewing table to get just a tad higher.

I do have a lot more to say---(hush, you that are thinking that I always do). After all, I just got back from a fun retreat weekend and some of you are waiting for pictures and the report! But I am in a time crunch today getting caught up with my home chores and getting ready for the Belles meeting tomorrow. I still would like to get another top quilted if I can as I know one of the girls will be looking to help with some binding. Aline has the one I did for her last week but the 2nd one I did for Linda C didn't have binding sent home with me--not sure if I am supposed to do it or she will but I'll drag my machine anyway.

Biggest news flash though: my bargello top is completed, the backing seamed and the binding cut and joined. If I had the batting here, I would pin it tomorrow but it is on order. Not like I don't have other things to quilt in the meantime, LOL. Till next time--------

Till tomorrow then---


  1. Thank you so much for posting about your ironing boards. I'm in desperate need of a new one (cover is bad and it's quite tipsy). Now I'm thinking I'll save the tipsy one for when I need to iron a point and re-cover it when I get a chance, then will make myself a larger one for ironing patchwork/quilts/garment fabric, which is most of what I iron.

  2. Congrats on the finish on the bargello! You are ahead of me! I was just not inspired to do much on the weekend so I sit stalled at the border stage. Oh well, there is always next weekend!

  3. These days I just use my June Tailor Cut and Press when I need to iron a garment. The board I shared has a little fold away sleeve board I can use in desperate times when a pointy is called for. Long gone are the days when I spend a day ironing clothes . . . I love the man that runs the dry cleaner*s*

  4. I'm tagging you. I'd like to learn more about the people behind the blogs I enjoy so hope you participate. If you've already been tagged a bunch, please feel free to opt out. The rules are on itsthecatshouse.blogspot.com. Thanks!


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