Feb 11, 2008

Monday, Monday.............

That goofy cat---still seems enamored with sitting on top of the TV set though that seems to be an evening thing. She even slept up there for several hours the other night. I figured she might as well be comfortable and folded up her thermal pad to put atop the flat part of the set and away from the vents. Good move till she wanted to get down. The whole thing including cat slipped to the bag of fabric below. Of course, she walked away from the spill like she intended that to be her exit though far from graceful. Pictured here, she was keeping me company while I stitched and watched an episode of "Without a Trace" I had on the DVR.

When I changed the bed linens for our guests, I also switched out the bed covers to rotate things around. Now the goofy cat will not have anything to do with her thermal pad. LOL, "give them the books and they eat the covers". Instead, she seems to have fallen in love with this particular spot on the bed. No laying at the foot of the bed or any location on the left side , this one area. HMMMMM Wonder where it will be next week?

I have gotten a bit of sewing done since my last post. During my Friday and Saturday sewing time, I got busy with moving that t-shirt quilt along. All the t-shirt sections have the black and white gingham the future owner requested around them. I will be adding what looks like a shadow to the right and bottom sides of the blocks and I got that all cut out and ready to strip piece . After that,I will fill in with more of the white to accomodate the various sized blocks. Some design time will be needed in EQ so I know exactly what sizes to cut that white sashing fill. It will look sort of like framed pictures. Well sort of like the SEC quilts shown HERE but not with uniformly sized blocks. The gingham sets off the whites, grays and reds of the shirts. One brown one and one blue in the mix but all in all, pretty monochromatic.

Yesterday was fun sewing with the bargello. I finished up the 2nd strata which was lacking the lower third and cut did the secondary strips and de-looping so I can see what it might look like. The pile next to the machine is the 3rd grouping (I am doing 5 bands for a full sized quilt). I left off last night joining pairs of 2 to make groups of 4. Once joined I'll have the 3rd strata over 30 strips completed.

A box of strips had arrived from my mom last week so I was having a lot of fun pulling stuff out of there and pairing it up with the stuff I already had cut. I am not cutting any of the strips to length, in my case 20 inches, till I am ready to use them. Mom's are cut 3 1/2 so any extras will be used for another purpose. I almost wish that I had tried the trip blocks instead and briefly thought about switching horses in mid stream, taking the first band down to 5 blocks instead. Naw, just go with what you have--too much work to rip and reinforce the seams when you have more scraps and strips to play with!

This might take a 3rd weekend of sewing for me to get closer to a finish but this one is mine and it isn't supposed to be a race.

Tomorrow is the Belles meeting. We will be making heart blocks in memory of Sarah so I need to pull the container of pinks and get my sewing supplies packed up. Yesterday I had tried to pull out my door peephole on a string that was tied to the handle of my carry along basket to get a better look at the bargello. Unfortunately as I pulled the peephole out, I yanked up the divider in the process, up enough that I cannot get the divider to seat properly. I will need to empty part of that and straighten it out before I can even think of loading it in the car. Sounds like a good "before lunch" project to me.

I am not sure but I think I have passed my two year blogiversary and this is will be my 367th post on this version of my blog. Pam and I both started blogging in early Feb 2006 shortly after Cher started hers joining the stashbuster ring. I am still in the ring while they have moved up but still blogging independently. Through a stupid error on my part and blogger not cooperating I deleted the first one and lost 6 weeks of posts so that is why I cannot be sure of the exact date. It's been fun and I am happy for the friends I have made and the people I have I visited along the way. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Aren't the furry babies hysterical.

    Tigger slipped and about fell off the arm of the couch yesterday. Chuck and I started laughing because we couldn't help ourselves. Tigger calmly got up, whacked Chuck on the leg with no claws and went upstairs to sleep on our bed.

    The sewing looks great. I can hardly wait to see the quilt.

    All the best,

    Darilyn and the napping Tigger on my lap.

  2. Happy Bloggiversary!
    It's always a mystery to me why a particular 'spot' comes into and then goes out of favor for the furry one in our homes. I guess it's like us - when we find new ways to rearrange the furniture - just keeps life interesting *s*

  3. Love that baby Pippi! Of course, she planned it that way...our dog is so funny, looks just slightly foolish at his own blunders. I really like your bargello bowl quilt! Your strips look great together, and how fun to pull from the ones your mom sent.

  4. Happy second blogging anniversary! The time has gone by so fast! Yes, we have made some good friends along the way--here's to continued friendships in the future! I love how your bargello is coming along. I read in your next post that you have even gotten farther along on it--well done! You are right, it isn't a race, but it sure has been a lot of fun to post the progress and encourage each other along! Here's to another upcoming bargello weekend!

  5. Happy blogerversary! I am with you about changing plans and ripping - best to keep with your current plan and then start a new top! I REALLY try not to rip once I start something. AND - your finished quilt (I am scrolling around here...) looks great.



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