Feb 28, 2008

meeting wrap up

Busy weekend and busy week for me. Errands to run after being away and things to follow up on after the retreat. Tuesday was our regular meeting date for the Bama Belles so another day with a good chunk of it away from the house.

Theramae is still not feeling strong enough to be out after her recent hospitalization so I ran by her house on the way to pick up some things she had at home. One was this completed top from the fall sew-in. She and I were both stitching up these rail fence blocks and swapping them out for a good mix of color--our ongoing project.

Nancy finished up the Trip Around the World I had helped her cut out. She stitched that up pretty darned quick and had picked it up from the longarm quilter a few days ago and working on the binding. It is a gift for a friend so she was taking it over to the friend's home after the meeting. I tell you the girl is bit! Nancy and her MIL Beverly had worked for two days making another one for a nephew/cousin who is ill. I hear a pink version is also in the works.

Judy and I were sewing while the others pinned. Well, she was sewing up some strips to make sashed blocks and I was quilting a top of Aline's. Judy mentioned that she either needed to deal with the strips or toss them. I would not hear of that as I could use them in some manner. She decided to just had over the bag of them when it came time to pack up to go. I'll sort through them to add them to my strip boxes. Still need to do that with the leftovers from the bargello as it turns out as I will NOT have a scrap bag if I can help it! Pick a day this weekend and take care of that.

Jane and Aline finished up the binding on another top I had quilted last week for her, at right. She brought the binding to the retreat and I put it on the top after she joined and pressed the strips as I had my walking foot along with me and she didn't. Always good to have a bit of hand work, right? (I forgot that she had her redwork Sunbonnet blocks with her at the retreat and put a few stitches in after she packed up the machine.)

Pat helped with pinning, pressed some binding for me and trimmed down the edges of Linda C's top that I quilted last week. She was at the ready to work on any binding that I might have had done but I got sidetracked Mondy and didn't get that quilt started let along finished. Linda came by to get her top and will do the binding application honors.

I had the heart blocks that had been turned in out for the girls to see for Sarah's Memorial quilt. A few more are out there so I will wait to start the design work but I tell you, that Nancy girl is bit! (She said "mauled" was a better term. ) She had them all arranged on the table for me, LOL. Also passed out the 1st step instructions for the non-mystery mystery quilt since many of them didn't get it in January. We'll get back on track next month.
I quilted another top yesterday--one of the 11 tops my Mom sent that will be going to Pam's Mexico Project. "Checkboard Plaid" from Evelyn Sloppy's 40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts. Today it will be my version of the rail fence quilt after I press a pile of binding that has been sitting near the iron for well over a month. LOL, should have taken THAT to the meeting when I had a willing helper. OR the next one up of my mom's has the binding all ready---may change my mind. I plan on quilting for two or three more days and then it is back to the t-shirt quilt in earnest. Then drop off a few quilts to the binding volunteers, pick a finished one up and I can get a box of quilts mailed off to headquarters.

Need to get dressed and run to the store now that DJ has my car back from an oil change. What I thought was a package of ground beef thawing was stew chunks instead and now I'm missing an ingredient to turn it into stew. It is a chilly day so I won't mind slow cooking it in the stove on a day like this. Thanks for stopping by! I am terribly behind on blog reading but hope to get around to visit you soon.


  1. I honestly do not know any other group that gets more done! Wow! the Belles never cease to amaze me....thanks for the M2M '08 donations...the count is growing, slowly but surely.


  2. Always love the quilt show when I visit your blog! You gals do great work.

  3. lots got done and more in the works-yes, the Belles crank them out!
    nice photos LJ.

  4. I was SO hoping that the picture of the teal quilt would be click-able (or whatever the real term is) so I could look at an enlarged picture! The rail fence and trip around the world were, but not the teal star. It looked absolutely gorgeous, what I could see. The others are pretty too, but the teal color grabbed me!

  5. I can't believe how fast Nancy completed her quilt! Excellent job! Nice to hear she has more planned for her future. She has been bitten! It sounds like everyone has been busy! Nice to see the variety in the quilts both in this group and your retreat group. A lot of talent here!


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