Sep 13, 2010

0kay, one picture

I had to laugh when one of my readers commented "not even a kitty picture" on my last (pictureless) post. So here you go, Jane.

This was taken a few months back but it could have been just yesterday. Skyler has developed a re-attraction to the highest spot in the house. DJ worries that he will fall asleep up there and forget the narrowness of the ledge. I worry more that he goes flying up there in manic kitty mode and is not a bit careful about getting up......or down..... at warp speed.

DJ also has visions of his predecessor Pippi throwing her ACL somehow by doing silly cat things and the pricey surgery that followed. That was a little unusual for a cat, we were told and expected more in small dogs.

But we love our wild boy anyway

1 comment:

  1. Now that is better.
    I went with blossom trees today.
    Thank you for a Skyler peep
    I will show Moggie when she comes in.....
    I have one of her walking along the top of the front door which explains why the wire had to be replaced.


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