Sep 17, 2010

two down, one to go!

woohoo! Strip Twist is finished up with days to spare. Looks pretty good if I do say so, LOL.

Of course, the little black and white quilt inspector had to give it his stamp of approval. So did DJ, apparently.

It is still pretty warm and muggy around here and no quilt is needed at this point---not when we still need ceiling fans at night. He can have it back after the quilt show.

That leaves the raffle quilt and I already have most of one short side done. Hopefully, this is all finished up by Monday at the latest.


  1. Love it Linda! I bought my pattern after seeing your blocks when you started them. Skyler is too cute.

  2. looks great! way to go!
    I need to work on a few bindings myself :)

  3. I am so glad to see the feline seal of approval. They can smell a quilt coming out.
    Lovely quilts too.....but the cat always comes first.....LOL.

  4. The quilt looks great, Linda! I am glad to hear it is entered in your upcoming quilt show. Of course a finish is not really a finish until the feline quilt inspectors complte their job!! LOL


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