Sep 24, 2010

#11 of 12

Woohoo! Another of the Bird Brain santa blocks are completed as of a few minutes ago. No sewing the past few days but lots of stitching! Waiting at the hospital for 12 plus hours will do that.

I couldn't resist adding our names to the empty spot that was the "Nice" list. DJ said he wasn't so sure Skyler should be on there but I begged to differ, LOL.

DJ had a procedure on Wednesday. He is home now but things are not completely resolved. We should know more next week.

Tomorrow I'll get back to the "super secret project" but for today, #12 block, here I come!


  1. cool! almost done with the stitching part! can I be on the nice list, too?! lol

  2. Wow, you are making such great progress! Darling blocks, I have been following your progress.

  3. Nice finish! I love the personal touch (adding the names to the list!


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