Sep 12, 2010

no pictures, no posts

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth though you that have gotten used to seeing a Weds. post may think so.

Just working on a "super secret project" that I cannot show you. It encompasses some pieced, appliqued and embroidery elements so I am having fun with it. Today some more embroidery but come Monday, I will have to set it aside. I am guessing for about 10 days or so.

I was asked to bind a queen sized quilt that will be raffled as a fund raiser for a local concern for pay. I will do it for Judy even if binding is NOT my fav part of the process. I also picked up my niece's quilt from the long arm quilter a few days ago so that needs bound as well----at least that pile of binding is seamed if not pressed. Plus now that fall is approaching, that fall colored Strip Twist I did last year---last seen in THIS POST---is supposed to go on DJ's bed so I can have my "World Series" quilt back.

The World Series quilt? It is a Trip Around The World (or Boston Commons?) quilt my mom made when she made a quilt for each of us kids. You can see a bit of it HERE. No one got their quilt till she had all 6 of them done. Originally she meant this one to go to my youngest brother. It has a lot of red and blue in it and that was the year that our St. Louis Cardinals played the KC Royals in the 1985 World Series, red and white being the Cardinals color and royal blue and white, KC's. DJ and I got to go to game 4 of that series so I said I should have that quilt---and Phil got something else.

Now mind you, DJ has his own quilt that I made (with lots of help from my mom) but it is big and heavy that he doesn't like to use it. Anyway, I let him use my quilt and it is just right if you turn a full sized quilt the "wrong" direction for a queen sized bed. It is also just right in the weight of the quilt---not too heavy and not too light for fall and winter use. Skyler likes it too, LOL.

So, embroidery it is for today----stay tuned for future completions. Maybe the Belles will have something for me to share with you since we meet on Tuesday.

THX for stopping by. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend-----------

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  1. sobs.........not even a pussy cat
    have a good week.


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