Sep 19, 2010

done, done, done

Last bit of binding finished a few minutes ago. I had left off last evening with just one long side to go with the hand finishing.

The top was pieced by my friend Judy, quilted by Becky in Oxford (AL). It is intended to be a fund raiser for a group that Judy supports as an auxiliary member. Judy favors the blended quilt look. I happened to be with her at Tiny Stitches in Marietta when she bough the fabric she used around the outside edges----a Jackie Robinson print, as I recall.

Try as I might to keep him off of a quilt that does not belong to me, Skyler insisted on giving it a kitty stamp of approval.

So what do I do tomorrow? Maybe back to the super secret project or borders on my two little calendar quilt-lets. I'll decide once I get done with errands which trips my fancy more.

I finished just in time to go make some pizza dough for our supper---------thx for stopping by and I hope you have had a wonderful weekend.


  1. congrats! congrats! congrats! on all three finished bindings :)

    maybe rest your fingers, tomorrow?!

  2. It is a Jackie Robinson print - nice to know it as purchased from us.

  3. Beautiful and what a wonderful accomplishment.


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