Sep 3, 2010

ask and you shall receive.............

Last week a casual conversation with my pals Pat and Norma led me to dig out this "I -Spy" quilt I started years ago to show them--circa 2001 or so would be my best guess.

It is from Ami Simms' Picture Play Quilts, the Hugs and Kisses variation. I don't know how much you can tell from the picture but the black hot wheel fabric forms a 3-dimensional knot when the rows of fabrics are joined. From the back it all looks like plain squares. Reminds a bit of making a more complicated 3-D bowtie block.

Now, all I said in our conversation was I would take a piece of teletubbies fabric that Pat had come across while she was looking for an elusive item. Well, she met and exceeded that one piece, LOL! Glad to help stash bust, Pat.

Today, a packet arrived. While I don't think I saw teletubbies, this is a nice haul, I'm telling you! If you click on her name above, you can read her account of this "transaction" and see a few of the fabrics she had included.

Looks like I better dig out the book and refresh my memories on just how this top is assembled. I'm thinking that I am about half done with it at this point? There are about 12 other designs in the book that would also be kid friendly and good choices for the squares Pat shared even sticking with a more limited theme. Take a peek at her gallery pages for some pictures of finished tops/quilts HERE . Who knows? Maybe mine will be on there someday, LOL.

This morning I got sidetracked a bit straightening out these two bins. I was pulling some fabrics for a fun but secret project I have in mind. One of those that I may have to make for ME, too because I like it so much? Know what I mean? Not like I don't have enough fabric, for pete's sake!

I don't think I stuck things back in there like I found it because once I finished up I found a stack that should have gone in one or the other of them. Fun to be "playing" in some bright and happy fabrics! I still have some fabrics to pull and cutting to do but then some foundation piecing for said project soon.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend-------


  1. wow! thst was fast! glad the fabric arrived safely! and you are right~no teletubbie fabric as i haven't cut into it yet...would you like more?! hehehehehehe

  2. It's adorable! I recognize many of those prints. Have a drawer full waiting for someday. Hope your week-end is exactly what you wish.


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